By documenting SCTA's rich experience in the development of a new economic sector, and achieve tangible success in different areas, there were ten years of accomplishments that SCTA has passed through since the foundation of this huge economic organization. It was a unique experience, full of obstacles but rich in successes and achievements.
Since its inception, SCTA has worked hard to lay the fundamentals necessary to stimulate a vibrant tourism sector in the Kingdom. Verily, it has made good progress in the organization and development of a new energetic sector, both at the national and at the provincial levels, in accordance with the, general strategy of National Tourism Development’, which was approved by the State Council in 2004 that was updated again recently. 
Fortunately, there were a number of concrete achievements reached during the past years in the development of local tourism, and antiquities and urban heritage, as well as in the establishment of an integrated system of partnerships in the national project of tourism development in the Kingdom, which led to its wider acceptance by different groups of Saudi society and gained their trust.
SCTA's interesting experience deserves to be closely examined and be acquainted with by the people involved in the field of tourism, to assess and take advantage of it objectively in the organization and development of a tourism, and antiquities and urban heritage sector, allowing anyone the transparency in the various initiatives put forward and implemented by SCTA during and after the foundation period, evident in the establishment and management of a modern governmental institution.
By no means it was the development of a new economic sector which is expected to - if it was incubated and supported by the government, the same way as any other similar emerging economic sector - become one of the most important sectors to create jobs and attract investment, as well as contribute effectively in the gross domestic product (GDP) of the nation.
This was confirmed in the comprehensive development plans of the Kingdom which states, "The development of tourism sector is a promising opportunity for diversification of the national economic base, while increasing the sources of income of Saudi citizens by providing them the job opportunities”.
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