SCTH Budget

In accordance with the Article (12) of organization of SCTH regulation, which was issued by the Council of Ministers (78) dated (24/03/2008,) SCTH to have an independent budget issued in accordance with the arrangements for issuing the General State budget and the appropriations allocated for SCTH should be in accordance with the instructions of the State budget. SCTH funds are comprised of the following sources:
  1. Aids, donations, and grants that are accepted by the Board of Directors of SCTH.
  2. Returns from the membership fee of the Board of Directors, which is determined by the Board. It is taken mainly from the investors who benefit from the facilities and services offered by SCTH.
  3. Returns from SCTA's services to other bodies.​
Appropriations of SCTH from the State Public Budget are the core annual financial resources of the Commission. The table below shows the steady growth in SCTH budget allocation since its first fiscal year until the budget fiscal year 2013. 

SCTA Budget