Cooperation Agreements

Years ago SCTH made a deliberate choice of cooperation strategy with some of the public and private sectors institutions in the Kingdom through strategic partnerships with the professional and scientific agencies contributing to the effective development of tourism industry, as well for assisting it in the archaeological discoveries and preservation of antiquity and monuments in all parts of the Kingdom.

SCTH developed a precise methodology and secure principles to choose its partners, so as to achieve maximum benefit, and also accessed these partnerships through cooperation agreements for actual implementation of real projects to achieve the goals that were set by it.
SCTH began interaction with the public and private sectors to implement the second phase of the National Tourism Development plan projects, within the policy of recommendations for the development of tourism in the Kingdom, where SCTH has been carrying out its tasks and projects in several forms, either as independent or shared with others or in supporting the players. 

The role of the participant is in the performance of the tasks and procedures relating to any of the activities and recommendations of the plan of action, while SCTH's role is in supporting providing technical support and financial resources for the implementing agencies.  In all cases SCTH must deal and interact with the public and private entities alike. 
The goals of cooperation agreements and partnerships undertaken by SCTH was to accomplish a successful tourist development through the practice and implementation of activities related to the action plans as developed by specialists and experts in the field.

Entities that have signed cooperation agreements with SCTA :
  1. Abdul Mohsi​n Al Hokair Group for Development and Tourism
  2. Agricultural Development Fund
  3. Al Baha Province Governorate
  4. Al Jouf Province Governorate
  5. Al Jouf University
  6. Al Madina Province Governorate
  7. Al Othaim Holding Group for Real Estate Investment and Development
  8. Al Qassim Province Governorate
  9. Al Qassim University
  10. Asir Province Governorate
  11. Carrefour and Faisaliah Charity Women Society in Jeddah
  12. Centennial Fund
  13. Consumer Protection Society
  14. Control and Investigation Board (CIB)
  15. Council of Saudi Chambers
  16. Dammam University
  17. Eastern Province Governorate
  18. Economic Knowledge City Company
  19. Fahad bin Sultan University
  20. General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)
  21. General Presidency of Youth Welfare (GPYW)
  22. Hail Development Supreme Authority, to implement (visitor center, museum display and Fed site projects)
  23. Hail Province Governorate
  24. Hail University
  25. Hail University (Extension agreement) in urban heritage
  26. Human Resource Development Fund
  27. Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
  28. Jazan Province Governorate
  29. Jazan University
  30. Jazan University (Extension agreement) in the field of urban heritage
  31. King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology
  32. King Abdul Aziz Dara​
  33. King Abdul Aziz University
  34. King Fahad Security Collage
  35. King Faisal University​
  36. King Saud University
  37. King Saud University (Extension agreement) in antiquities and urban heritage
  38. Makkah Al Madinah's Holy Sites Development Authority
  39. Makkah Province Governorate
  40. Makkah Secretariat General
  41. Ministry For Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Dawa and Guidance on required mechanism to preserve old mosques and heritage endowment buildings
  42. Ministry of Agriculture
  43. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  44. Ministry of Culture and Information
  45. Ministry of Economy and Planning
  46. Ministry of Education
  47. Ministry of Haj
  48. Ministry of Health
  49. Ministry of Higher Education
  50. Ministry of Interior
  51. Ministry of Labor
  52. Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
  53. Ministry of Transport
  54. Ministry of Water and Electricity
  55. Multi-Purpose Women's Association in Al Qassim (Herfa)  
  56. Najran Province Governorate
  57. National Commercial Bank
  58. National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development
  59. National Information Center , Ministry of Interior
  60. Northern Border Governorate
  61. Presidency of Meteorology and  Environment
  62. Prince Salman Center for Disability Research
  63. Riyadh Province Governorate
  64. Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY)
  65. Salman bin Abdul Aziz University
  66. Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA)
  67. Saudi Arabian Airlines
  68. Saudi Aramco
  69. Saudi Credit and Saving Bank
  70. Saudi Customs
  71. Saudi Geological Survey
  72. Saudi Heritage Preservation Society
  73. Saudi Industrial Development Fund
  74. Saudi Post
  75. ​Saudi Ports Authority
  76. Saudi Red Crescent Authority
  77. Tabuk Province Governorate
  78. Tabuk University
  79. Tabuk University (extension agreement) in antiquities and urban heritage and crafts.
  80. Taif University
  81. Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) and French Accor Group
  82. The Commission for Promotion of Virtue And Prevention of Vice (CPVPV/Haya)
  83. Umm Al-Qura University
  84. (Extension agreement) with Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) in the field of urban heritage