General Strategy and Operational Plans

At the outset, SCTH undertook to overcome all the major obstacles in its way to start creating a successful tourism industry in Saudi Arabia, particularly those which were directly facing the Commission at the time of its launch, such as interference in the powers and competences related to tourism and related sectors.

These challenges were successfully addressed by SCTH on sound scientific foundations through restructuring the tourism industry, mapping methodology, standardization of plans in all regions, taking into account the individual nature and characteristics of every region.

In order to start work on a scientific basis, and in order to achieve a sustainable tourism development according to the latest systems, structures and strategies, SCTH established the "National Tourism Development Project" as the first fruits that reflect the approach Commission itself has accepted, as it was scientific, effective and efficient to achieve the set goals.
The "National Tourism Development Project" was aimed at developing a sustainable tourism in the Kingdom that will support local communities, providing jobs and preserving the natural environment through an integrated partnership with all parties during the twenty year period, where the project will be implemented in several phases:

Phase 1: Set up a comprehensive strategy for the development of national tourism, which addressed all aspects of tourism potentials and obstacles that may impede implementation.
Phase 2: Prepare a plan of action to implement the recommendations of the General strategy for tourism development, creating a quantum leap through a comprehensive restructuring of the tourism systems in five years. With this aim SCTH launched a large number of major initiatives in concert with overall national development plans and Government policies towards administrative and political and economic reforms. These efforts have been made in collaboration with all partners through hundreds of discussions and meetings and mutual visits.
Phase 3: development of provincial tourism strategy and its operational plan in direct collaboration with regional governments.

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