Operation Plan

In order to undertake the important task of establishing a sustainable tourism industry in the Kingdom, SCTA was faced with severe challenges and obstacles in the way of launching the industry steadily and on scientific basis. There were several overlapping jurisdictions and disciplines related to the tourism and allied sectors. This was a major obstacle to advance this initiative, and hence it became inevitable to restructure the industry, mapping methodology and consolidating plans to suit the nature and characteristics of each region throughout the Kingdom.
To commence work on a scientific basis and promote sustainable tourism development based on the latest systems, structures and standards, SCTA established the “National Tourism Development Project", which embodied an acceptable approach to its key development factors - operation, efficiency and success.
"National Tourism Development Project" aims for the development of the tourism sector in the Kingdom in an explicit manner that sustains local communities by providing job opportunities, while preserving the local environment through integrated programs, in close partnership with all parties concerned over the next 20 years.  
Stage one, was the development of SCTA’s comprehensive strategy for the national tourism development through refining elements of tourism and removing the obstacles for its progress and growth. Stage two, the development of operation plan to implement recommendations of the comprehensive strategy. For a breakthrough quality start,  beginning was to be first in organizing tourism departments gradually over the next five years. To this end a number of major initiatives have been taken in coordination with overall national development plans and policies of the Government on political, administrative and economic reforms.
This was a collaborative effort with all partners to achieve through hundreds of seminars, meetings and exchange visits. Followed by the third phase, which included strategies for tourism development at regional level and operation plans related to it in direct cooperation with regional departments of the Kingdom.