Organizational Chart

The administrative and organizational structure of SCTH in Saudi Arabia is one of the best international experiences in this area with the testimony of many of the leading players in the tourism activity around the world, with the support of specialized international consulting firms.

The administrative and organizational structure of are established to meet the requirements of the national tourism industry and the requirements of the establishment phase of SCTH, as well to support and monitor partnerships with several different groups on both domestic or international levels, in addition to achieving the tasks and objectives as a correct scientific and administrative approach.

The Administrative clusters are characterized by authority with the flexibility and openness to innovation and modernization, compatible and harmonious with the needs of the tourism industry that can respond steadily to the development and expansion of the tourism industry. This called for SCTH to adopt a number of initiatives in the administrative area, like creating advanced departments and developing specialized programs necessary for the functioning of its constituent parts, all in line with the goals of planning and study that was the first target set by the Commission.



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