Rules and Regulations

​Reviewing the existing regulatory framework in the tourism sector revealed that there was duplication and overlap in the complexity of tasks and responsibilities in the sector. This is one of the main reasons that led to the creation of an independent organization to oversee the development of a robust sector in coordination with all concerned sectors on national, provincial and municipal levels.

Basically, all and various tourism activities are complementary and mutually supportive, because any tourist product a coherent set of different products and services used by tourists.  Overlooking to bind the processes between various tourist activities into one framework will cause each of them to work independently of the other, denying them the opportunity to benefit from the shared facilities and services. Thus, there was an urgent need for a comprehensive approach for regulating different sectors of tourism activities under one government body and develop the tourism industry by stimulating the private sector to invest in the tourism projects.

Accordingly, the Council of Ministers recommended a general strategy for the adoption of a regulatory authority that reflects the State's plan for the development of tourism in a disciplined manner. With this noble ideal, SCTH came into existence as a competent authority armed with various statutory and regulatory frameworks in the field of tourism and antiquities.