SCTH Initiatives

SCTH, since its foundation on 16/04/2000, has been working consistently to stimulate and develop tourism and national heritage sectors in the Kingdom.  It launched many key initiatives, which are implemented in systematic and practical methods and effective organization.  Over 250 until October 2016.  

SCTH and its partners have contributed through these initiatives and ongoing achievements, successful events and activities in the regions, and activated memoranda of cooperation with the relevant authorities, in enhancing the confidence of the leadership of the State and the citizens on national tourism, raising the expectations for the Commission and its partners to achieve more.

During the past few years, SCTH has registered many achievements in the development of tourism and national heritage and made great strides in organizing these sectors within the General Strategy for National Tourism Development, as approved by the State in 2004.   This has been reviewed and updated recently by SCTH with its partners in the public and private sector, in addition to the development strategy for Antiquities and Museums sectors, approved by SCTH board of directors in 2006.

The comprehensive development program is carried out by SCTH as an extension to its initiatives and achievements. The program depends on the administrative sectors’ approach that work in an integrated system to achieve better results through two specific paths of the project (heritage care and tourism development, and investment) and follow up and coordination of the project management office introduced under the comprehensive development plan.

This report is to allow everyone access to the transparency of the various initiatives and programs put forward by the SCTH from its inception until now, carried out in the framework of national objectives.  SCTH was established to organize and develop tourism and national heritage through a modern vision as a governmental institution that works for the development of an economic sector to be one of the most important sectors for creating jobs and attracting investment to achieve a balanced development in the provinces, and contribute to the national output of Saudi Arabia.

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