Vision And Mission

Saudi Arabia's vision on the tourism sector is based on its basic values and culture in the first place, followed by the economic importance and regional and international weight it enjoys, as well as its value based interaction with other communities.

Hence, all the segments of Saudi society and sectors are the first participant in the formulation of the premise that emits this vision.  The tasks are based on a comprehensive framework for policy implementation on the principles of economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability, and viability of Kingdom's Islamic values, heritage and traditional hospitality. 

Kingdom’s tourism vision

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the cradle of Islam seeks a value based, distinctive tourism development with the social, cultural, environmental, and economic benefits proceeding from the Islamic values, ancient heritage and authenticity of its famed hospitality.

Kingdom’s tourism Mission

In the light of Kingdom’s basic values and distinctive components for a balanced and sustainable tourism development, Saudi Arabia wants to achieve through tourism, an economically and socially enriching diversity, generate employment for its citizens and maintain environmental and cultural authenticity of the land.

This task depends on the active participation between the public and private sectors, where the public sector takes the role of motivation, schematic guidance and provide necessary infrastructure for the tourism development, like generate information, studies and research, while the private sector will take care of investment and implementation of marketing development policies for the tourism industry, while maintaining its quality and diversity, as well as training and upgrading the national manpower for tourism jobs, all within the framework of the preservation of the authenticity of the Kingdom.

SCTH’s Tourism Vision

SCTH acts as a stimulation center, works in close partnership with the parties and relevant partners to achieve the vision and mission of tourism sector in the Kingdom.  It acts as a primary booster for the sustainable tourism development in line with the Islamic principles and social, cultural and environmental values prevailing in the Kingdom.

SCTH’s Tourism Mission

SCTH is committed to facilitate a successful and sustainable development of the tourism industry in the Kingdom by providing a clear direction for the industry, and working in close partnership with the industry leaders and partners to find and create a climate in which the tourism industry is expected to achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency.

Regarding the task of SCTH towards the Antiquity and National Heritage sector, SCTH will strengthen the capacity of the sector for the  protection of monuments and museums, prospecting exploration and studies, recording monuments and effects, developing of museums and architectural heritage, increasing knowledge of cultural heritage effectively through the Department of Antiquities and Museums, create cultural resources to be developed and presented to the community for promoting cultural tourism, and stimulate private sector investment in the projects of monuments and museums.