“Roads of Arabia” expo in the Louvre Museum



In light of SCTH’s persistent efforts to highlight and introduce the antiquities, heritage and culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Louvre Museum in Paris in France on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, hosted the Saudi exhibition “Saudi Archeological Masterpieces” also known as, the “Roads of Arabia”.

The exhibition was organized in response to the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz (may Allah rest his soul in peace).  The idea was also in response to the suggestion of the former French President Jacques Chirac to the King, whilst they were inaugurating the exhibition of “Islamic Art Masterpieces”, which had been organized by SCTH at the National Museum on the 6th of March, 2006.

The exhibition was given exceptional attention by the Louvre Museum, which is demonstrated by it allocating one of its most important and the famous halls in the museum, the Napoleon Hall, which as  has been allocated to host the Saudi relics.  Additionally, the expo was held within the seasonal rush times pf the Louvre museum.

The preparations for the exhibition and its accompanied cultural and heritage events were carried out by the Louvre and SCTH’s Joint committees in coordination with the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Information as well as other relevant authorities which resulted in a remarkable success of the exhibition in its first stop outside the Kingdom. 

The exhibition represented an important occasion to introduce the national antiquities and the rich cultural and historic heritage of the Kingdom to the outside world in light of Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage and historic potentials that may not be available in many countries in the world.  

Noteworthy, the partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and France has included one of the most important projects in the Louvre Museum; it is the development of Islamic exhibits in the museum, which has enjoyed both the Saudi and French attention in the light of the generous support offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to this project.






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