Al-Ahsa Oasis..The fifth Saudi World Heritage Site

Al-Ahsa of the most famous and largest oases in the world through its 3 million finest date producer palms, as well as its strategic geographical and historical location that distinguishes it and that qualifies it to be a connection bridge between great and ancient civilizations before thousands of years. This made it deservedly to be one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a fifth Saudi site in this list on 15 of Shawal 1439 H (29 June 2018 G). All have been registered by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.

Al-Ahsa Oasis

Al-Ahsa province is one of the most famous and largest palm oases in the world, it also has a strategic geographical location which qualifies it to play an important role in the region history, it had interconnections with ancient great civilizations like Syria, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. it acted as a gate for The Arabian Peninsula with the external world, and as a communication bridge between the Gulf and the Indian Subcontinent. It was and still representing a land port that is connecting the Kingdom with Gulf countries like: UAE, Qatar, and Oman. The caravans of pilgrims from these countries are using this port to reach the holy lands.

Al-Ahsa is involving a lot of heritage sites like: Jawatha Mosque one of the first mosques in Islam, Ibrahim's Archaeological Palace, Sahood Palace, Mhaires Palace, Abu-Jalal Palace, Al-Ahsa National Museum, Aqeer Port, Al-Qara Hill, Qaisariah Souq.. read more