Islamic History Sites Care Program

The Islamic history sites across the whole of Kingdom, especially in Makkah and Al Madina, have a great place in the hearts of Muslims all over the world, prompting SCTA to set up a special program to take care of these sites, especially the Islamic history sites that are associated with the Prophet’s (Sira) and the era of early Muslim Caliphs.

The program follows the reviews and special reports on the Islamic history sites, and participates in the supervision of their restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance projects and develops the necessary action plans to conserve these sites. 

The program also aims to employ the Islamic history sites in a way that contributes to shed light on the eternal message of Islam, and the biography of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and the early Muslim Caliphs. 

Program Scope: 
The program concerns with the Islamic history sites related to Prophet Mohammad’s Sira (Prophet’s life and events) and Muslim Caliphs era across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in an attempt to use the term "Islamic history sites" to refer to them appropriately, rather than being referred to as mere Islamic antiquities.  
Program Objectives: 
  • To set up conservation plans for the Islamic history sites in order to rehabilitate and develop them and work with the relevant departments in antiquities sectors and SCTA's related sectors and partners to achieve the set objectives.
  • To employ Islamic history sites in a perfect way to highlight the emergence of the eternal Islamic message and the biography of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and the early Muslim Caliphs. Also to bring out Islam’s glorious deeds, Islamic history, eternal stories of heroism in Islam from credible sources in order that the next generation to inspire the great meanings and sublime values of the Islamic message. 
  • To enhance the cultural, historical and educational dimensions of these sites for the scientific purposes and linking Saudi students with the Islamic history based on the tangible heritage and credible historical information. 
  • To work with scientists in the field of Sharia laws and the Islamic history to review the historical texts and introduce the Islamic history sites. 
  • To prepare print material on the Islamic history sites.
Program Tasks:
  • To work with the Antiquities Sector and the relevant sectors in SCTA in addition to its partners to gather required information on the Islamic history sites and work for the their documentation, preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and employment. 
  • To take part in the supervision process on the projects of restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of the Islamic history sites that are under development.
  • To prepare periodic reports on the underway works on the Islamic history sites. 
  • To coordinate with the departments of history, antiquities and culture in the Saudi universities to conduct basic studies of the Islamic history sites in developing academic thesis, scientific studies and research. 
Program action plan for the next three years:
The program will be executed through four courses, as follows:
  1. Registration and preservation course.​
  2. Documentation and studies course.
  3. Rehabilitation and development course.
  4. Awareness and correction of wrong conceptions course. 
Under SCTA’s efforts in the ‘caring of Islamic history sites’, His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTA, and His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al Sedais, Chief of the General Presidency, on Thursday, 15th January, 2015, in the Holy City Makkah, signed an agreement of cooperation between the two authorities.

The agreement aims at enhancing the cooperation efforts between SCTA and the General Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques Affairs on the preservation of archeological objects and the collectables.  The agreement also stretches into cooperation in other areas, such as museums, exhibitions, and caring of Islamic history sites and promoting the tourism sector in Makkah and Al Madina cities.