RedList: Stolen National and Cultural Properties

This is a list of national cultural treasures stolen from their sites on Saudi Arabia. The list provides detailed information about these items to facilitate their identification.

SCTH calls upon citizens and residents to report stolen antiquities, and pledges rewards, financial payments and certificates of appreciation to reinsurers of artifacts or for those reporting the loss or theft of any of the items, where such items are part of the heritage and history of Saudi Arabia throughout various historical periods. SCTH has emphasized that return or reporting of stolen items is a means of preservation of cultural heritage and taking care of it.

The following is a list of national artifacts stolen from their sites: 

1. Cornerstone of Al Eznem Castle 

A semi-square stone panel, consisting of three lines of script using prominent inscription method. It used to be adjacent to the North-eastern tower of the castle. 
It contains the following phrase:

‘Prince Kheshgedm, Al Khazen, the treasurer for the Sultan in the year 916 Hegira. 

The cornerstone went missing in 1407H

2. Cornerstone of Muweleh castle 

A rectangular marble slab, with three lines of inscriptions, mounted on the castle gates. 

The phrases read: 

‘The establishment of this castle was ordered by Maulana Sultan Selim Khan, son of Sultan Bayezid Othman’
‘May his monarchy forever be eternal, and state be stable by the virtue of Mohammed PBUH’
‘Tameer Badshah Seige, Welcome the pious and accept the best fruits being the security of the fearful - 968H.’ 

Cornerstone went missing in 1427H. 



3. A stone form Al Zaher Museum 

A stone measured at 9x7x14 cm in dimensions. The stone holds inscriptions in Masned calligraphy along with human figures. It dates back to Pre-Islamic times. It was taken from the display case at the Al Zaher Museum in Makkah on 25/8/1432H. 
4. Heritage and antiquity items from Small Turshi Museum 

A number of heritage and antiquity items were stolen from small Turshi Museum in Rijal Al Ma’ Village in Aseer Province on 1/5/2015. Among the stolen items were: 

4 daggers
4 knives
1 Draihimy cover
1 ancient rifle 


5. Foundation Patern/Inscriptions of Hamad bin Yunis Mosque in Al Ula

Foundation inscription on a stone 40x60cm in dimension mounted on the eastern entrance of Hamad Yunis Mosque in the old town in Al Ula, in Madina Province. The stone went missing in 1432H. 

The inscription is 9 lines stating: 

In the name of Allah the Merciful, Peace be Upon
The Prophet Muhammad, 
His family and companions, this mosque was built by
Hamad bin Abdullah bin Yunus
Bin Abdulhadi bin Moussa
Bin Saeed Bin Hassan
Bin Hussein Alroiei
May he rest in peace along with his parents 

6. Ancient coins stolen from Taima Museum

A number of ancient coins were stolen from Taima Museum on 27/5/1435H.  Among these were: 
  1. Silver Abbasid Diham minted in Kufa in 144H
  2. Copper Byzantine fils 


7. Ottoman necklace

It is a round-shaped ottoman necklace with a circumference of 4 centimeters that is surrounded by two lines of highlighted decorations. Inside it, it was written: "Made in Constantinople in 1223". Attached to it are three circles with a bead inside a net of silver. The necklace was missed in Shawwal 12, 1438 hijri. 


 Rreporting about missing relics:

If you identify or know about any missing relics of the Kingdom, please contact:

Within the Kingdom:
  • Call the unified toll free number 19988
  • Communicate with the nearest SCTH branch in the region
  • Inform the nearest Police Patrol or Police Station
Outside the Kingdom:
  • Contact the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the country
  • Contact the Interpol