Rock Art of Hail province

Evidence suggest that, Man entered the Arabian Peninsula one million years ago. Stone objects of that period are found in Shuwaythiya in the north, and Dawadmi in the central region, Bir Himma in the south and Wadi Fatima in the western region of Saudi Arabia.  Also Neolithic sites are located in several locations in Yemen. In the beginning, man lived in caves and rock-shelters and depended on hunting and food gathering. Stone Age continued for several thousand years in Arabia like in the other parts of the world.

Man’s life in the Arabia until 10,000 years before present, was based on hunting and food gathering. Everyday activities, like hunting, combating and other social and religious activities are shown through the inscriptions and engravings on the rock surfaces.

The art work of ancient man in Arabia is found on the mountains, hills and boulders all over the country.  It reveals the social, cultural, religious and economic life of the people living in the land that is now Saudi Arabia.

6,000-7,000 years ago, Man in the Arabia was mostly dependent on hunting, animal herding and primitive domestication of crops that were cultivated in the oasis, valleys and floodplains. Until 5,000 years ago, Arab society was mostly nomadic with few individual family groups living together in tents and huts.  Stone structures, circles and other archaeological evidences in these sites suggest the beginning of small-scale settlements in and around the oasis and valleys.​