Tourism Service Providers Database


Tourism Service Provides Database

Tourism Information and Research Center (MAS),, provides precise statistics and accurate measurement of tourism activities and services supported by information, reports, and services. It provides an easy access to the entire tourism activity in the Kingdom. The website allows an integrated package of information to researchers in tourism services or information about tourism in general across the Kingdom.
The site's main menu allows several links on MAS’ efforts, in addition to statistical data, studies and researches, annual and quarterly reports, statistics on tourism organizations and accommodation sector.
Additionally, the website posts general publications on tourism and abstracts on some of the concluded researches, but not to the full text of the research itself.​
The site also provides another important service - Global Positioning System (GPS) - which provides tourism mapS which can be enlarged to view further details. It also provides access to SCTH publication system using the same pattern as used in searching very large databases.
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