Private Museum License Requirements

المتاحف الخاصة 


Private museums are defined as non-governmental properties, or those that belong to individuals. SCTH is the only authority that grants operating licenses to private museums, as well as provide them with the necessary technical support and promotion on its official websites.

SCTA supports private museums in a manner consistent with the quality and performance standards set by itself, and under the category "Saudi Museums", which makes them eligible to receive the technical or financial support of SCTH in the future. Private museums are required to have certain degree of adherence to the applied standards and specifications.

The relations between SCTH and the private museums help rising the quality of museum showcasing techniques, improve their performance, and maintain safety and security in the museum, and also that of museum visitors.

Private Museum License Requirements:

1- Filled in license application form

2- Copy of national identity

3- Museum's location sketch

4- Internal drawing to show display places and dimensions

5- List of museum items

6- A CD containing photos of the exhibited items

7- Copy of Civil Defense license

8- Owner’s personal photo of 4X6 cm.

9- Private museums on Saudi State history to get text material from King Abdul Aziz Dara

10- Obtain owner’s museum rehabilitation program license which is given by the SCTH  ​

Last update: 12/21/2016 11:57 AM