Private Museums

SCTH appreciates the crucial role of private museums in preserving the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia through personal initiatives of the owners of these museums that demand a lot of time and effort on their part.

In the context of its ongoing efforts to develop special private museums, SCTH intends to hold a forum once every two years in one of the provinces in the Kingdom to discuss and highlight the issues related to private museums.

Private museums are identified as properties not owned by the State, and as individually owned properties. SCTH provides technical support to the private museums, as well as issues licenses for the museum activity, and publishes detailed information about them on its official website. 

SCTH supports private museums in accordance with the " Performance Quality Standards” established by the Commission to classify some of the museums that fall under the category of “Museums of Saudi Arabia”. Accordingly, they become eligible for the technical support and/or the financial support in the future provided that these museums, as a minimum, must comply with the applicable standards and specifications.

A partnership between SCTH and the private museums would help to improve the quality of presentation and performance of private museums, and achieve safety and security standards for the museums and visitors, athus making them ready for tourism marketing and receiving visitors.

Private Museum License Requirements