Applying W3C Standards

The SCTA portal applies the most valid international standards used for the building of electronic portals, technically or in terms of information access like, textual, visual and audio contents. A reliable criterion that is applied in the portal of SCTA is W3C, which is one of the most important standards to build portals.
Level A Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
Following points are applied which come under the W3C criterion:
  • Use of XHTML code, which allows portal to work on all browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari with the same efficiency and quality.


  • Use of AJAX web 2 technology, which makes easier to browse the contents, either textual, or video or audio.


  • Providing the portal content in both English and Arabic to target the largest possible number of internet users, besides SCTA portal is considered is the first choice of the beneficiaries of its services outside the Kingdom.


  • The portal is provided with various textual, audio and visual content in spreading awareness among internet users about Saudi tourism in addition to providing visual content on tourism locations in the Kingdom and the exhibition held by SCTA in the Arab and foreign countries.


  • Entire technical designs for the portal were implemented in a manner that complies with standards of W3C where all the portal elements can operate on different platforms.