1st Saudi Archaeology Convention

Under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz (may Allah protect him), SCTH will organize the 1st Saudi Archaeology Convention​ from 7 to 9 November 2017 in Riyadh.

The Forum will be held under the umbrella of the “Custodian of the Two Holy MosquesCultural Heritage Initiative”.  
Major objectives of the Forum:

To document and highlight the efforts exerted by the leadership of the country as well as government agencies and individuals in caring for the Kingdom's antiquities throughout the history; highlighting the Kingdom’s historical and cultural depth nationally, regionally and internationally; highlighting the contribution of the pioneering generation, whether as individuals or as organizations in the field of archaeology.

Locations of the Events:

The opening ceremony and exhibition will be held at the National Museum in Riyadh, while the scientific conference and the workshops will be held at King Abdul Aziz Library and Hall at the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center in Riyadh. 

Aspirations of the Forum:
  1. Raise awareness, promote national belonging among citizens, educate the Saudi youth about what monuments are about and what our country has as cultural heritage, and bring about a paradigm shift in its perception.
  1. To highlight the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia nationally, regionally and internationally in the historical and civilizational terms.
  2. To establish a scientific gathering of specialists and interested people in Kingdom's antiquities and to inform them on all the related projects in this field.
  3. Document the history of the archaeological work in the Kingdom.
  4. Transform the issue of Antiquities into a social responsibility.
  5. First: The Scientific Conference:
  6. The scientific conference will present a number of working papers covering all the historical periods, from Pre-history to the end of the 14th century AH.
  7.  Scientific Conference Themes:
  8. Pre-history antiquities.
  9. Ancient Rock Art. 
  10. Trade and Hajj routes.
  11. Antiquities of the Arabian Peninsula before Islam.
  12. Antiquities of the Islamic eras.
  13. Architecture and Arts.
  14. Sunken Antiquities.
  15. Ancient Islamic writings.
  16. Oral heritage sites.
  17. Job opportunities in cultural heritage.

Workshops Themes:

The workshops to be held during the Forum will discuss specific issues in the field of antiquities, like:
  • Modern techniques in the field of archaeology.
  • Restoration, rehabilitation and development of archeological sites.
  • Role of media and citizen in raising awareness on the importance of antiquities. 
  • Preservation of antiquities (regulations, legislation, rehabilitation, development, scientific research, and international experiences).
  • Counterfeiting of antiquities and alleged treasures.
  • National identity and heritage.
  • Antiquities and the future. 
  • Job opportunities in cultural heritage. 

Second: The Accompanied Exhibitions:

A number of exhibitions will be held at the National Museum in Riyadh lasting for 50 days from the date of the launch of the Forum, as follows:
  1. Saudi Antiquities Exhibition (Roads of Arabia Exhibition).
  2. Recovered Antiquities Exhibition.
  3. Latest Archaeological Discoveries Exhibition.
  4. Exhibition of Saudi Archaeological Pioneers Works.
  5. Exhibition of specialized books in the field of antiquities.
  6. Historical Photo Gallery.
  7. Kingdom’s Kings caring for national heritage exhibition, which will be held in collaboration with King Abdul Aziz Dara.
  8. Photo exhibition on the restoration of Al Hejaz Railways Station in Al Madinah, which will be held in collaboration with Al Turath.
  9. Saudi Geological Survey Exhibition.
  10. Commemorative Stamp Exhibition.
  11. Fine Arts Exhibition.
  12. Saudi Handicraft Exhibition.

Projects to be launched at the Forum:

A number of projects will be launched, including:
  1. Inauguration of Al Fau archeological site research books.
  2. Inauguration of new publications of the scientific theses (33 books).
  3. Inauguration of the latest issues of Saudi Antiquities Yearbook (Atlal) (24 - 29).
  4. Inauguration of Introduction to Kingdom’s Antiquities Book.
  5. Inauguration of Cultural Dimension Book.
  6. Inauguration of Antiquities Register and Archaeological Records.
  7. Inauguration of the Red List of Antiquities.
  8. Inauguration of the Care of Historical Mosques in the Kingdom Book.

Partners in the organization of the Forum:

The Forum will be organized by SCTH under the umbrella of the "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cultural Heritage Initiative" in collaboration with the following authorities:
  • King Abdul Aziz Dara.
  • Ministry of Interior (Governorates of the regions, police and Interpol).
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • Ministry of Education (King Saudi University, Hail University, Jazan University).
  • Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
  • Ministry of Transport.
  • Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources.
  • Ministry of Culture and Information.
  • Saudi Geological Survey Authority
  • General Commission for Audiovisual Media.
  • Saudi Customs.
  • Saudi Aramco. 
  • Al Turath foundation.
  • Saudi Society for Heritage Preservation.
  • Saudi Society for Archeological Studies.

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