"Sauditourism" participates in Kuwait Travel World Expo 2014

 Saudi Tourism to participate at Kuwait Travel Market 2014


Kuwait Travel Market is one of the leading regional and specialized events in the travel and tourism sector. It aims to highlight the potential business opportunities in the Middle East, and combine together operators of tourism offices, travel agencies and the like involved in travel and tourism under one roof.

"Saudi tourism" in Kuwait Travel World - 2014

SCTH participated in the Kuwait Travel Market Exhibition 2014, in the Kuwait International Fairs ground from 28-30 April 2014. The pavilion of “Sauditourism” in the Kuwait Travel Market Expo was comprised of over 32 Saudi travel and tourism companies. 

SCTA's participation in the exhibition was mainly to attract the GCC tourists in general and the Kuwaiti tourists in particular, especially that the number of tourists who had visited the Kingdom in 2013 from this area was more than 4,215,000.

Saudi Pavilion in Kuwait Travel World - 2014

The pavilion of the Kingdom in the Kuwait Travel World Exhibition 2014, included a number of Saudi tour operation and travel companies, in addition to hotel companies, that provided distinguished tourism programs and services.

Saudi companies in the exhibition were representing different parts of Saudi Arabia, which have always been the favorite destinations for Kuwaiti tourists, especially in light of the distinct advantages for Saudi tourism coming at low cost with high quality and services with many options and accessibility.

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