6th Conference of Red Sea Antiquities and Heritage

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be hosting the 6th Conference of Red Sea Antiquities and Heritage, under the slogan "Past Lessons – Present and Future Prospects", in the city of Tabuk. The Conference will held between 17 - 21 March 2013. 
The conference which is organized by SCTH in cooperation with the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, UK, will discuss a number of issues highlighting the new ideas in the field of adaptation and human interaction in the past and present in the maritime environment, also will discuss the old ways of adaptation to Red Sea environment, in an attempt to find solutions to present environmental problems, and help the current scientific efforts to improve the understanding of ancient societies in the Red Sea basin.
Conference, which will be attended by a number of Saudi universities including King Abdul Aziz University, University of Tabuk, Jazan University, and the Taibah University, also aims to take advantage of a number of researches of specialized scientists in the social, humanities and natural sciences, as well as use the ideas of these scholars to study the past to better understand the present and foresee the future.
The importance of the conference comes in the light of the SCTH efforts to exploit the true resources of the Red Sea, taking into account the experiences of a number of countries that border it, which have recently sought to take advantage of the resources that have limited impact on the modern economies of those countries.
Also the importance of the conference is seen in the light of the recent archaeological discoveries along the Red Sea which shed light on its important role in the emergence of a number of ancient states and empires surrounding the Red Sea.
Noteworthy, the conference will feature speakers from Saudi Arabia, as well as from other Arab countries, in addition to the international speakers including specialists, and individuals concerned with the study of the Red Sea resources. The conference will include the following themes:
  1. Antiquities – visible and sunken
  2. Economic activity
  3. Cultural relations
  4. Antiquities and heritage of Red Sea islands
  5. Climate change
  6. Ancient environment and its changes
  7. Ancient seaport cities
  8. Water storage and management systems
  9. Food heritage
  10. Diseases and epidemics
  11. Languages of writing and communication
  12. Intangible heritage (customs, traditions and folklore)
  13. Traditional architecture
  14. Handicrafts and traditional industries
  15. Coastal voyagers and trade caravans
  16. Haj seekers through ancient sea hajj routes
  17. Sea poetry, songs and folk literature
  18. Heritage sailboat
  19. Cultural awareness and tourism
  20. Maritime (navigation)
It is worth mentioning, that a number of government organizations and departments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be invited to attend the conference to allow them to benefit from the discussions and themes of the Conference of Red Sea Antiquities and Heritage.
Conference Publications:
•   Conference Guide  (Schedule of Sessions) - Arabic/ English
•   Summary of Reserches 
For more information:
•  Conference website: projects.exeter.ac.uk