Saudi Arabia, Muslim's Destination for Toursim After Umrah

برنامج سياحة ما بعد العمرة

The National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism, approved by the Council of Ministers and the Shura Council in the year 1425 H, included major target markets in the development of national tourism. Among these markets is the Umrah Plus Tourism Market, which is ranked number three after the local market and the GCC market. 
What is Tourism “After Umrah”? 

Tourism programs that are pre-organized for Umrah performers who would like to visit other sites in Saudi Arabia after completing their religious rites. These programs are designed to offer visitors unique tourism experiences. 

Saudi Arabia to be the first destination for Muslims around the world. 


Provide Umrah performers with the opportunity to visit valuable and distinctive tourism sites and enjoy their social, cultural, natural and economic dimensions, based on the true Islamic values, authentic heritage and traditional hospitality. 

Primary Goals: 
  1. Attract Umrah performers to visit other tourism sites across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  2. Empower tourism destinations to receive Umrah performers and provide them with unique tourism experiences. 
  3. Empower the private sector and communities to provide excellent tourism services. 
  4. Increase the demand on Umrah Plus Tourism programs by promoting and introducing them in full details (How to get them and what they cost, etc.).
Importance & Benefits of Tourism After Umrah: 
  1. Create a stronger cultural and social connection between Saudi Arabia and its visitors, conveying the true and positive image of the Kingdom and its people. 
  2. Promote the Kingdom’s tourism potentials and advantages. 
  3. Develop a balanced and sustainable tourism, create job opportunities, economic diversity, and social enrichment, in addition to preserving the country’s environment and cultural authenticity. 
  4. Introduce Umrah performers and visitors of Makkah and Madinah to other important tourism sites in Saudi Arabia so they can witness the development and growth of Saudi Arabia at all levels. 
Tourism After Umrah Partners: 

SCTH is working in cooperation with its partners from the public and private sector, such as the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Hajj, Airlines, national land transport and the professional tourism association. 

Targeted Segments: 

The program targets the following segments in its first stage:

1. Umrah performers from countries that are already approved for inbound tourism. 
1. State guests of Umrah performers from all over the world.

3. Visitors entering the country with visas other than the Umrah visa, such as business trips, visiting exhibitions and conferences, attending sporting events (without the need to change the visa).
Stages of the Project: 

Preparation Stage: Designing the organizational structure, assigning tasks, approving plans, issuing permits, monitoring executive plan, building official website, developing database for national and international travel agencies and the tour operators.
Qualifying and Enabling: Qualifying and enabling the partners and related parties to execute their roles in the finest manner. Organize pilot programs for Umrah Plus Tourism spots to test the readiness of Umrah operators, travel agencies, tour guides and participating businesses. Additionally, assess whether the elements of the tour paths are suitable or not for the program.
Marketing: Stimulate demand for Umrah Plus Tourism programs by introducing Umrah performers to the available programs (Where, When and the Cost, etc.). This is done through direct marketing techniques targeting Umrah performers and the international Umrah service providers, especially in the targeted countries. Organize marketing activities after their arrival during their stay at Mecca and Medina. 

Expanding: Building on the success of the first stage, expanding the Umrah Plus Tourism Program by increasing the number of trips, organizers, tour guides, tourism routes and activities.