"Live Saudi Arabia"

“Live Saudi Arabia” program represents an important national initiative aimed at restoring the Kingdom in the hearts of Saudi citizens through encouraging them to visit the historical sites, from where the national unity emerged. In addition, introduce them to the history and the landmarks of their country, besides encouraging them to recognize Kingdom's cultural and touristic potentials, to actually live through these sites, interact with them, not just know about them from the history books.
This program falls under the State’s plans led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz (may Allah protect him) as a key element of the Project of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Caring of Kingdom’s Cultural Heritage, which includes a set of routes and projects that aim to develop, preserve and highlight Kingdom's national heritage.
“Live Saudi Arabia” program is a national program adopted by SCTA and it undertakes its execution in collaboration with a number of relevant public and private authorities. The program greatly relies on the tourism trips as a major means that will strengthen citizen’s relation with his whole nation. Through organizing tourist trips for the youth to different parts of Saudi Arabia, the program allows them to closely acquaint with their national potentials as well as explore homeland’s richness and its cultural and developmental dimensions.
  • To enhance citizenship through introducing the youth to the homeland’s accomplishments.
  • To strengthen citizens coherence through enabling them to engage in varied communication and get acquainted to their different cultures.
  • To promote youth’s personal and knowledge capacities, enroot positive values among them and raise their awareness on their role in introducing their homeland to others.
  • Allow youth to closely be informed about their national cultural heritage, which is expressed in thousands of historic, archeological, cultural and social sites, in addition to various cultures that each of the Kingdom’s provinces is distinguished with.
Program beneficiaries:
  • Youth category, especially secondary school and university students, male and female.
  • The program includes teachers, supervisors, both male and female, from all over the Kingdom.
Program Trips:
  • To visit the public officials especially in the governorates, and officials of other public departments in an effort to closely recognize the efforts of the State in the development of their homeland as well as their efforts in securing the country’s great unity, and the State’s efforts to bring security, stability and development to the whole country.
  • To visit national museums, archeological sites, heritage towns, urban heritage sites, in order to recognize the cultural heritage of the Kingdom.
  • To visit the State’s palaces, heritage villages and meet with local people who have witnessed the stages of foundation of the Saudi State and the journey of country’s unification.
  • To visit the sites that reflect the progress and prosperity that the Kingdom is witnessing, especially in economic cities, hospitals, research centers, seaports, airports, petroleum and sport facilities , industrial cities, ministers, municipalities and chambers of commerce, and large private companies, malls and banks, etc.
  • To visit the sites that are associated with the Kingdom’s security, such as military cities, police stations, and meet their staff.
  • To visit educational and cultural sites, especially universities, institutes and meet with their staff.
  • To participate in social and voluntary activities that are held during their national tour.
Program Partners:
I - Government Agencies:
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Governorates and Tourism Development Councils
  • Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
  • Ministry of Education
  • General Presidency for Youth Welfare 
  • Ministry of Culture and Information
  • Saudi Broadcasting Corporation
  • Ministry for Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Dawa and Guidance
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • King Abdul Aziz Dara
  • King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue
  • Public charity organizations
II -  Private Sector:
  • Companies that are owned or in which the State contributes, such as (Saudi Aramco, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation  (SABIC), Saudi Telecom (STC), Saudi Airlines (Saudia), Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), and Nas Air.
  • Joint-stock companies such as, Saudi Public Transport Co. (SAPTCO), banks, industrial companies, tourism service companies, etc.
  • Tour operators and accommodation facilities
  • Tourist guides
  • Information companies
Program Sponsors:
  • STC
  • SCB
  • Alinma Bank
  • Al Rajhi Bank
  • Al Rashid Company
  • Bin Ladin Company
  • Savola Group
  • Almarai Co.
  • Kingdom Holding Co.
  • Saudi Oger
  • Mobily Co.