Educational and Training Project on the Tourism Concepts

Building healthy and strong relations with the SCTH partners in the society is a high priority for the Commission's officials, leading them in this pursuit is His Royal Highness President of SCTH, who attaches great attention to the principle of partnership due to its significant impact on the status and ability of SCTH to move forward.

SCTH has made great efforts to build its relations with the tourism relevant organizations based on solid scientific foundation, and through long-term programs to strengthen the relations of these organizations with the tourism industry.

The most important organization in this respect is the General Presidency for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice - CPVPV (Haya).

The partnership aim with CPVPV is to create mutual understanding between tourism and the local community, especially that the absence of such an important relationship may prevent efforts of SCTH to create a successful breakthrough with the social institutions that overlap directly and indirectly with the tourism activity.

Lasting Partnership:

Project's idea is mainly based on working closely with CPVPV to build an effective partnership of mutual understanding of tourism concept in order to enable the CPVPV staff (both field workers and the planning officers) to recognize tourism and its economic, social and cultural impacts, and to what extent it is necessary socially.  All of this is carried out confirming to the inherent social values and in line with the SCTH vision.

Events and Activities:
  • Maintain direct contact via workshops, meetings and field visits.
  • Maintain indirect contact via different means such as educational programs, print material and publications.
  • To contribute to raising the level of awareness about tourism among the organizations of social discipline in professional and scientific ways.

Project Objectives:
  • To introduce the CPVPV staff to the tourism concept as an industry that has various social, economic and cultural impacts. 
  • To exchange knowledge with CPVPV staff on the activities of SCTH in the society, such as tourism events, awareness programs, and economic activities, etc.
  • To fill the gap of misunderstanding about the role and the concept of tourism and highlight its social and entertainment role, which is very important for the family's solidarity and cohesion. To enhance direct partnership with the CPVPV field staff as they are part of the developmental system of the Saudi society.

Targeted Groups:
  • The staff members of CPVPV.
  • Executives of the branches of CPVPV across the Kingdom's towns, cities, and municipalities.
  • Field staff of CPVPV across the Kingdom's towns, cities, and municipalities.

Cooperation Phases:



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Execution sites




Makkah, Al Madina, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Al Qaseem, Arar, Al Jouf, Tabuk, Hail, Al Ahsa, Al Baha, Najran, Jazan, and  Abha




Makkah, Al Madina, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Al Qaseem, Arar, Al Jouf, Tabuk, Hail, Al Ahsa, Al Baha, Najran, Jazan, and Abha




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