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About the Program

Enable the members of the community to realize tourism as an industry.  This will help promote the positive impact of tourism on the individual and the group, and thus society as a whole. So, SCTH works to educate communities about the positive effects of tourism, as well as, highlight the benefits that can be realized from this promising sector, such as improving the levels of income and employment, infrastructure development and improved level of services.
Program Concept
Work with local communities to raise the awareness of tourism culture and to enhance the positive effects of tourism through awareness programs. SCTH works to empower local communities to invest in the available tourism ingredients, in addition to directing the capacity of individuals and groups to make the most of the promising opportunities offered by the tourism sector, both for the present generation and the future. This is ensured through organizing workshops for community leaders to enable those communities to actively participate in the tourism industry, in addition to raising awareness of the importance of preservation of monuments and the dissemination of museum culture through workshops.  Furthermore, to work through local community to remove the negative trends associated with the concept of tourism in the community and bring about positive trends instead, contributing to enable communities to deal with tourism as a positive concept and benefit from it.

Program Objectives: 
  • Empower local communities to invest in the available tourism base.
  • Educate communities on the positive effects of the tourism industry.
  • Persuade local communities to work in the tourism sector.
  • Contribute to providing employment opportunities and improve the level of income.
  • Contribute to maintain the monuments.
Target groups:
  • Community leaders.
  • Members of the local community (artisans - archeology and tourism concerned people, etc.).
  • Directors of government departments.
  • Women Charities (artisans - productive families).
  • Representatives of Municipal Councils.

Project Phases:



Number of Participants

Program Location



First Phase







Riyadh – Al Majm'a- Al Zolfi- Hadad bani Malik- Al Gonfuza- Al Laith- Jeddah 2 – Al Ghateef – Hafr Al Batin – Al Damam – Al Haet – Hail – Al Ula- Rejal Alm'a – Al Geryat – Sakaka – Al Ahsa 2 – Jazan – Fursan Islands – Tabouk – Hugl – Al Bekairiya - Najran



Second Phase








Riyadh – Al Ghat – Al Kharj – Eshaiqr – Al Majm'a – Onaiza – Al Rus – Al Moznab – Al Jubail – Al Damam – Al Khobar – Al Hafouf 2 – Al Seliamnia – Al Mansora – Fefa – Al Khoba – Al Namas – Abha – Tutba – Rnea – Al Khrma – Al Taif – Souk Okaz – Souk Okaz (Media) – Al Shafa – Rabig – Jeddah – Najran – Habona – Beg'a – Hail – Tem'a – Deba- Al Madina – Al Griyat – Sakaka – Domat Al Jondal



Third Phase







Al Hafouf 2 – Al Mobraz – Al Hada 2 – Bani Saad – Messan – Al Hawyia – Bani Thageef – Shagra – Al Gwaiyia – Rmah – Najran Bdr Al Janoob – Khamees Meshait – Buraidah 2 – Onaiza – Al Badyi – Al Damam – Al Khobar – Abha – Al Taif 2 – Al Shafa – Al Jam Joum – Al Kamil - Al Gonfoza – Al Laith – Yadma – Thar – Hail – Al Shamli – Al Ghazala – Amlaj – Al Wajh –Tabuk – Sowair - Sakaka

Fourth Phase



The program was evaluated
Fifth Phase
​2014 12 Women Workshop will be implemented in the following cities and areas:
(Riyadh - Mecca - Dammam - Qassim - Abha - Jizan - and Hail - Najran - Medina - Taif)


Some of the attitudes of respondents in the first phase:

  • It was found that, more than two-thirds of the participants (66.8%) believe that tourism has a direct positive impact on the local communities. 29.9% of participants believe that tourism activity has impacted the local communities indirectly. 1.9% of participants have stated that tourism activity has no significant impact on the local communities, while 1.4% of participants believe that tourism activity in their areas has negative impact on the local communities.
  • Most workshop participants (96.5%) stated that they will accept working in the tourism field should they get the opportunity to do so, whilst 3.5% reported that, working in the tourism sector is not attractive to them or their family members, and therefore they do not have the desire to join the work in this sector.
  • There is a consensus about the need to educate local communities about tourism, where 98.4% participants indicated the need to raise the tourism awareness among thet communities. 0.5% of participants believe that there is a need to somewhat increase tourism awareness, whilst 1% of the participants believe that there is no need to further educate local communities about tourism. It is clear from these results need to intensify awareness of tourism in all regions of the Kingdom.