Saudi Travel & Tourism Investment Market


Kingdom today is on the threshold of a new stage of comprehensive development, through which it focuses on a number of vital sectors which include tourism and investment in its forefront.
The upcoming forum, Saudi travel, Tourism and Investment Market (STTIM 2012) will discuss travel, tourism and investment issues in the Kingdom through a mega conference and an accompanying exhibition to review the investment opportunities in tourism products and services. The event will also spotlight on a number of investment opportunities and available potentials in Saudi travel, tourism and investment market.

The event will also discuss the strategies of tourism development that are associated with business sector while it provides a new opportunity to the exhibitors to engage in Saudi travel and tourism market in view of the huge potential Saudi Arabia enjoys as the largest economy in the Middle East that enables it to be an important commercial center for the business sector.
Through the holding of this special annual event, SCTA aims to raise awareness among targeted groups on the Saudi tourism products and services as well as increase the internal tourism activity by locals and expatriates, thus raising rates of investment in tourism projects.

The commission through this forum will also strive to promote the positive concepts among the members of the society on the travel and tourism industry as a productive sector within the cluster of national economic sectors, besides enhancing the special identity of Saudi tourism and showing higher professionalism in Saudi tourism through hosting such events. It will urge tourism business owners and key partners to engage in cooperation and coordination efforts in order to create a modern, flexible and integrated tourism sector, while observing the environment, the social values and authentic traditions.

STTIM is considered as one of the most important annual event for the tourism industry which is sponsored by SCTA in the Kingdom every year. It provides opportunities for all the key partners in the tourism industry, from both public and private sectors to meet and interact on a single platform.

The forum will focus mainly on on issues that affect the tourism industry and the related initiatives, such as defining the investment opportunities throughout the tourism facilities and services, factors affecting the growth of tourism industry in Kingdom, in addition to holding an accompanying exhibition on the tourism industry in the Kingdom.