Ease of Usage

The organizers of Ministry of Tourism portal are keen to provide a faster access and ease of browsing for information, as well as allowing maximum use of the content there in, regardless of, the scientific, cultural or technical background of the user, and based on the clear vision and the objectives of Ministry of Tourism​, in the following way:
Content classification: 
Includes four categories, which are customized according to the visitor type: tourist, investor, researcher, and journalist, and the service and information provided through the portal.

Portal Lists:
It includes two lists.

First List:
Reflects the Top menu, and it uses the best techniques and practices in its construction and development. It will have all the ordered services according to the classification of each relevant service. Besides, it appears on all the pages of the portal, which allows faster access and utilization of the services by the user. 

Second List: 
It contains the Side menu, which displays links directly related to the current page, the user is browsing. It will also contribute to provide additional information related to the page, that gives greater perspective and background.