Assistance for the People with Special Needs

Since the beginning, Ministry of Tourism officials were keen to secure a portal meant for people with special needs and meet their requirements and provided with necessary programs to serve them and allow them to browse the internet according to the following measures: 

  • Meet the requirements of global Accessibility W3C-Web measurements:  
​through adopting a number of standards to allow the people with special needs users to easily browse and access the portal information through different senses, like using special supporting devices for disabled users. Noteworthy, achieving such standards allows text-to-speech software to read all the available elements in the page, which help the people with special needs to browse the portal without significant difficulties
  • Text-to-speech service:
​Ministry of Tourism portal staff were very keen to provide the text-to-speech service for visually impaired people. This service can be used by clicking the icon at the top of the portal toolbar.  Besides Ministry of Tourism seeks to offer more tools to support this dearest group. 
  • Font size change: 
​​​​Visually impaired can benefit from this service, which enables them to read the text clearly through changing the font size using icons shown on the next image, which is used to enlarge or reduce the font size in the portal:
  • Helping the blind to read portal content of the portal: 
The portal created a feature that enables the blind people to read the content of the portal through a specific button on the toolbar above the text page.
  • Minimize the need for navigation within a page: 
Navigation inside the page is reduced by offering a large amount of information within the page, which allows the user to access the largest possible amount of information without the need of using a navigation tool, which will make the borrowing process much easier for disabled people, especially the “mobility impaired”. 
  • Easy access and navigation: 
    • Easy access and movement is achieved through keyboard shortcuts, which allows the user to navigate between the main menus of the Ministry of Tourism Portal. 
    • Users of Internet Explorer (IE) could press “ALT” and “Shift”, in addition to one of the letters shown in the following table:
    • Users of Firefox browser (Firefox), can press “ALT” and “Shift” in addition to one of the characters shown in the following table: 
Page Letter 

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For Cultural Heritage Care 2
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