Cabinet Resolution to Support SCTH Financially and Administratively


Cabinet Resolution to Support SCTA Financially and Administratively 
The Council of Ministers, in its session held on Monday, 13th Jan, 2014, under the chairmanship of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince and Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense, approved the "King Abdullah Project for Cultural Heritage Care", and decided to provide the required financial and administrative support to SCTH enabling it to achieve its mandate".
The resolutions according to HRH President of SCTH, is considered as one of the most important resolutions by which the national tourism is shifting from the planning and organization stage to the execution stage, of which it has proven to be capable of managing the tourism and developing its various sectors. The resolution is a quantum leap towards implimenting the actual projects after the intensive planning stages. 
The resolutions of the Cabinet aim at developing tourism services and promoting tourism programs and investments in order to keep pace with the increased demand on tourism by the domestic tourist, as domestic tourist is the main focus of various tourism activities and programs of SCTH.

The resolution of the Cabinet provides that:  

  1. "After reviewing the minutes of the mandated committee which has been formed according to a Royal Decree to study the potential of financial and administrative support to SCTH enabling it to carry out its officially mandated tasks, also after reviewing the minutes of the committee which has been framed according to a Royal Decree to study "King Abdullah Project for Cultural Heritage Care in the Kingdom", which was proposed by SCTH, the Cabinet has approved a number of provisions as follows:
  2. The Cabinet stressed the importance of continuation of partnership between the public and private sectors in a way that achieves the positive output on tourism investment and to take necessary measures to accelerate the establishment of tourism development companies across different parts of the Kingdom, for which the government to participate in the capital of these companies in order to contribute to the development of local communities. 
  3. SCTH should work for providing appropriate investment opportunities for the private sector in tourism by promising sites in which the government should develop necessary projects of infrastructure to ensure the success of these investments, and the government departments should give priority to the projects of the infrastructure in their budgets for the subsequent fiscal years.
  4. Cabinet approved the King Abdullah Project for Cultural Heritage Care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the resolution's attached principles. The resolution referred to the project as a historic and national importance and urged for accilerating the implementation of projects that are linked with the history of the State and the national unification." 

SCTH President in a press statement after the Cabinet’s approval of the King Abdullah's Project for Cultural Heritage Care, and the support for SCTH financially and administratively, said: "Both the resolutions stress State's concern for tourism and national heritage and these resolutions are the accelerators for their development.", and added.
  • The Custodian is the first supporter of national heritage preservation and its investment, and making it a part of Saudi citizen’s life
  • Flow of resolutions is an indicator to State's sincere concern for tourism and national heritage

His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz President of SCTH, praised the two recent resolutions made by the Council of Ministers yesterday, Monday, 13th Jan 2016. One, approving the King Abdullah Project for Cultural Heritage Care in the Kingdom, and the seocnd, approving the provision of financial and administrative support to SCTH enabling it to carry out its mandate.

HRH President of SCTH in his statement on this occasion said, "The two resolutions stressing the State’s concern towards the development of the national tourism and enhancing status of the national cultural heritage as an important national treasure, adding that, sequence of resolutions by the State in support of the tourism and the national heritage represent as significant indicator to its attention towards economic and cultural issues.

Describing the resolutions as an extension to the great attention enjoyed by the national heritage as it is considered to be a key component of the Saudi national identity and the great support to the national tourism as a key economic sector, and as such attention by the government is expected to contribute greatly to the development of these important sectors.

HRH President of SCTH added that, the (King Abdullah Project for Cultural Heritage Care in the Kingdom) is seen as one of the most significant achievements of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and it will be connected to his great accomplishments in support of the national history and heritage.

"The launch of this historic program is consistent with the great efforts by the State and the Saudi people in the restoration of the awareness on the importance of the national heritage. Today we are working under the wise leadership and directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and HRH Crown Prince (May Allah Protect Them) in order to change people’s views on the cultural dimension of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to consider it as one of the most important features of this blessed State, including its physical and cultural heritage, which embrace antiquities, urban heritage, and handicraft".

"The resolution crowns huge efforts that have been made to create a quantum leap in the course of attention towards the tangible heritage and its development in order to make it part of people’s life since SCTH had taken responsibility over this sector in 2007. Now our efforts are crowned by this project in its final form and it includes a set of programs and projects aimed at raising awareness and promoting national heritage protection and rehabilitation. It also aims to create integration between government institutions and citizens in this respect".

He pointed out that this program had a follow-up of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense and the Chairman of King Abdul Aziz Dara who pays a great interest in Islamic history and heritage sites in all regions of the Kingdom besides his care for the national history of the Kingdom.

HRH continued, “The project aims to instill such awareness of national heritage for future generations in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Education, under the leadership and support of His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, besides aiming to achieving a number of goals through creating close partnership with a number of different government institutions on specific projects will be announced by SCTH during the next three months according to a specific work program for all projects included in the project.”

Regarding the Cabinet’s resolution to support SCTH financially and administratively to enable it to carry out its mandated tasks, HRH the President of SCTH, said, “This resolution is an extension of the successive resolutions adopted by the state recently to support the national tourism as an important tributary president of the national economy and for its ability to create employment opportunities for the citizens in various regions of the Kingdom.

HRH President of SCTH added that the resolution came on the recommendation of an independent committee that was formed by the Royal Decree chaired by late HRH Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz (may Allah have mercy on him). 

The committee comprised of academics, experts and representatives of the private sector to undertake a comprehensive study to support domestic tourism. The committee at the end of its task has recommended the Cabinet to issue this resolution which reflects the State and citizen' views for accelerating State's support for the development of the national tourism because of the great benefits, economically and socially that the tourism is expected to bring about.

HRH Prince Sultan said that everyone shall feel the impact of these decisions, God willing, through the development of tourism facilities and services, and accelerated development of the national tourism in light of the overwhelming response and the increasing of Saudi citizen towards tourism in his home country with increased awareness on the great and various tourism potential that his country enjoys.

In conclusion, the President of SCTH in his statement thanked all those who contributed to the issuance of resolutions, especially government agencies that participated in the committees that studied these subjects during the four years, including ministries of (foreign affairs, education, municipal and rural affairs, interior, higher education, finance, culture and information, water and electricity, transport, labor, economy and planning, commerce and industry, and the general Secretariat of the economic Council), in addition to King Abdul Aziz Dara, Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority, expert bodies in the Council of Ministers, which all agreed on the importance of supporting the activities of the Commission and to accelerate the launch of the program of King Abdullah Project for Care of Cultural Heritage in the Kingdom.

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