البرنامج الوطني للحرف والصناعات اليدوية 

Saudi Arabia seeks to develop its handicraft sector in a balanced and sustainable manner, as it is culturally diverse and economically rich based on the fact that the activity literally reflects cultural diversity and the authenticity of the national hand made products with a scope for providing employment opportunity for all the segments of the society and increase the income of the citizens.  It is also a source for the development of economic resources through revitalizing the tourist traffic and the tourist trade.
SCTH has linked this sector to the national heritage sites and the tourism and tourism events through highlighting the importance of handicrafts through bulletins and publications on the types of crafts in the Kingdom, and distributed them in local and international festivals where SCTH is a participant.

SCTH in collaboration with its strategic partners in general, and the "Herfa Association” in particular, has participated in the national initiative campaign to support the productive families in the field of traditional crafts and art.
In its persistent efforts to support the artisans, SCTH sought to establish special centers for artisans with a view to organize them in groups instead of being distributed in multiple locations, in addition, to encouraging them to practice their profession through the exchange of information while benefiting from many kinds of support given by the government and/or by the business community.
SCTH jointly with the Saudi Postal Corporation undertakes to market handicraft products online via Souq El Qaria ( And also SCTH has managed to find marketing outlets in collaboration with some of the commercial centers in Riyadh, Jeddah, Tabuk and Dammam for marketing handicraft products of the productive families through fixing barcode on each of the handcraft products.
Initiatives in this respect were not restricted to the Kingdom only, because SCTH has taken the initiative and communicated with a number of international organizations related to handicraft and handmade industries, including the UNESCO in coordination with the National Committee of Education, Culture and Science at the Ministry of Education and attempted to benefit from its supportive programs for holding workshops for training in handicraft, where around 350 artisans, male and female, benefited from these programs across the Kingdom.
On the other hand, SCTH has taken the initiative and communicated with the 'Arab League for Handicrafts', based in Tunisia. Procedures were finalized for the membership of the Kingdom in the League according to the cabinet's resolution No. (11) dated Monday 12 January, 2009. The Kingdom's membership in the League will enable the artisans to benefit from the international experiences of the member countries in the organization.
Participation of Artisans in STTIM-2012 (photo)
  • Create institutional framework to develop and manage handicraft and handmade industries.
  • Prepare a regulation or bylaw for handicraft in the Kingdom and to be submitted to relevant authority for approval.
  • Improve the image of handicraft as decent livelihood in the Kingdom and benefit from the skilled artisans and transfer their experience to others.
  • Develop training skills and qualifications of artisans in order to train the next generations.
  • Facilitate artisans fund and encourage investment in handicraft to increase its contribution in domestic production.
  • Support and encourage present programs of the handicraft and build future programs upon them.
  • Benefit conclusively from the local material, develop and preserve with natural environment.
  • Develop handicraft's marketing styles and means of cooperative marketing.
  • Find skilled manpower to employ it in the development and preservation of urban heritage and archeological sites.
  • Support and encourage active charity associations and voluntary committees in the field of handicraft.
  • Engage the private and different sectors of the society in the development of the handicraft sector.


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