SCTH Announces National E-Platform to Connect Accommodation Houses with the Commission

​SCTH announces national e-platform to connect accommodation houses with the commission
His Excellency Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage Mr. Ahmed Aqil Al Khateeb​ directed stakeholders to accredit a project to develop a national e-platform for connection with all hotels and hotel apartments in the Kingdom to present accurate and instant information through using modern technologies to enrich the structure of the tourist sector. 

This platform accords with tendencies of the Saudi Vision 2030, and is in line with the Kingdom’s efforts to develop and use technology to facilitate businesses and provide information. 

Work on the national platform has started after considering and studying the best international practices in the tourist monitoring to realise a pioneering Saudi model in work, so as to guarantee providing a comprehensive and automatic monitoring of date, in a way that allows having accurate and instant data to organise and follow up on the accommodation sector and increase the level of quality and services presented to guests. 

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage seeks to own these data to enrich and support the Tourist Information Centre, affiliated with the commission, in a comprehensive and qualitative way through focusing on reliability and accuracy of data it includes, so as to be the main reference for decision making.  

It is envisioned that these accurate data would contribute to the analysis works, anticipation and information, in addition to preparing research and tourist studies and publishing them and providing them to partners, so as to play a role in the comprehensive tourism development process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Launching the platform, expected in next August, will be preceded by workshops and training courses for facilities and providers of necessary systems to guarantee the rehabilitation of the sector to deal with this platform in a professional way.

This platform will enable the tourism commission to follow up on the accommodation sector and receive accurate and instant data that can contribute to developing and increasing the quality of plans that aim at filling the gaps in the sector and improving it.