Ahmed bin Aqeel Al Khateeb Visited Several Hotels in Riyadh Designated to Host Citizens Returning from Abroad, and Ensured their Preparedness and Adherence to Quality and Safety Standards

​Ahmed bin Aqeel Al Khateeb on Saturday visited several hotels in Riyadh designated to host citizens returning from abroad, and he ensured their preparedness and adherence to quality and safety standards

Al Khateeb, who is also Head of the Tourism Accommodation Committee, also ensured that all necessary services are ready to be provided to the returning citizens. 

After visiting the hotels, the minister headed to King Khalid International Airport, accompanied by General Authority of Civil Aviation President Abdulhadi Almansouri, and they checked on the route designated to returning citizens and the facilitated measures by all government entities. 

Al Khateeb and Almansouri also followed up on the preparations to receive citizens coming back from abroad, including the Ministry of Health’s measures as well as the buses from the Ministry of Education, which will transport them from the airport to the hotels where they will stay during quarantine.

During the tourism minister’s tour, a plane arrived from Washington, transporting around 265 citizens. 

In the tour, His Excellency reviewed the returning citizens’ route after finishing the measures related to their passports and medical inspection, as they are to be received by the Tourism Accommodation Committee, given the keys to their rooms and then transported to their designated hotels. 

Upon conclusion of the tour, Al Khateeb​ reaffirmed that the Tourism Accommodation Committee’s control room works round-the-clock, receiving citizens’ calls to provide them with all means of comfort.
He also clarified that the committee receives all notes and requests directly at the number “930” and deals with them immediately.

The tourism minister highlighted the importance of boosting the efforts of all government entities to implement Royal directives by receiving the returning citizens and providing them with all means of care during their quarantine period. 

Moreover, he said that prior to his arrival at the airport, he passed by the hotel designated to those who returned from Washington to ensure all preparations to receive them have been made. 

Earlier, the Tourism Ministry stated that around 11,000 hotel rooms have been arranged to receive citizens who requested to return to the kingdom, noting that some of these rooms have already been occupied. 

The ministry also affirmed its readiness to increase the number of rooms designated for quarantine when necessary, commending the cooperation of tourism sector investors with the efforts.