His Royal Highness Prince Dr.Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Prince of al-Qassim Region, Chairman of the Tourism Development Council in the region, inspected the new building of the  Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage branch, in the region, which has been recently inaugurated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdelaziz, may Allah protect him, within a number of important projects during his visit to the region at the end of last month. His Royal Highness the Prince of al- Qassim congratulated the employees of the region’s tourism branch for moving to the new building located on the King Fahd Road at Buraidah. His Highness stressed that this location came as a result of this homeland leaders’ support and “we hope it would contribute to further work and success in serving tourism in the region”. 
During the visit, His Highness the Prince of al- Qassim met with the team of archaeological survey in the region, where he received the final report of the archaeological survey which contained the documentation and confinement of a number of archaeological and historical sites in the region. His Highness thanked the survey team members, stressing the importance of the role they play to preserve and document the archaeological and historical sites, along with the importance of working to highlight these sites as part of the cultural history of the region in particular and the KSA in general.

His Highness also presided over the second meeting of the Tourism Development Council in Al-Qassim during its fourth session, which discussed a number of topics including the modernization of tourist routes in the region and the adoption of new routes to serve tourism development and tourism trips to Al- Qassim. The Council also approved the calendar and Al-Qassim activity plan for 1440H / 2019, in addition to the review of the Agricultural Tourism Project in the region and al- QassimOrchards Initiative, the performance report of the tourism development committees in the region for the year 1439H, in addition to a number of other topics that are important for the region’s tourism.

The Director-General of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage Branch in Al- Qassim, Secretary of the Tourism Development Council, Mr. Ibrahim bin Ali Al-Musheiqeh, thanked the Prince of al-Qassim, the Chairman of the Council, for the support that SCTH’s  projects and activities in the region receives, stressing that His Royal Highness visit to the SCTH Headquarters in the region is an honor to the employees of the branch who are proud of this visit, noting the interest of HE the Chairman of the SCTH Board of Directors, Mr. Ahmed Al Khateeb​, in the SCTH’s tourist and heritage projects in the region.

Al-Musheiqeh stressed that the new building of the SCTH's branch in the region is the result of our homeland leadership’ssupport for the tourism sector and that it will contribute, God willing, to developing and improving the working environment to serve the workers and investors in the field of tourism and national heritage in the region.