Al Ahsa, the 2019 Arab Tourism Capital, Hosts the 22nd Arab Ministerial Tourism Meeting Chaired by the Kingdom

​Al Ahsa, the 2019 Arab Tourism Capital, Hosts the 22nd Arab Ministerial Tourism Meeting Chaired by the Kingdom
Al Ahsa, the 2019 Arab tourism capital, hosts the 25th meeting for the executive office of the Arab ministerial council for tourism and the 22nd session of the Arab tourism council on Sunday and Monday December 22 and 23, in the presence of all member states and several Arab and international organizations, unions and media outlets, in a bid to enhance joint efforts, exchange visions and ideas and implement decisions aiming at overcoming challenges and developing the Arab tourism. The meetings will be headed by His Excellency Mr. Ahmed bin Aqil Al Khateeb Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage. 

Choosing the time and place of this important meeting is due to the Kingdom’s pioneering status at the regional and international levels, especially that it currently heads the G20 and is preparing to host its summit in 2020, in addition to what the Kingdom is witnessing of a historic transformation and a comprehensive development renaissance in all fields as part of the 2030 Vision that mainly focuses on opening all windows to all countries and starting communication with various cultures and working on diversifying the economy to enhance growth and prosperity, where the tourism sector is considered a main driver to realize these aspirations, especially that the Kingdom today is deemed as one of the important international tourist destinations that houses several tourist attractions known for their spectacular nature and historical and heritage elements, including Al Ahsa that in 2018 was officially accredited as the fifth Saudi area to be registered on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The first day of the event is scheduled to witness the meeting of the executive office of the Arab ministerial council for tourism in its 22nd session, while the second day is planned to witness holding the main ministerial meeting. All members of the participating delegations and guests of this big forum will participate in several tourist programs in Al Ahsa, the Arab Tourism Capital for 2019, that include visiting several archaeological and historical sites, such as Jabal Al Qarrah, Bayt Al Baiyah, Al Sahoud Castle and the historical Qaisariyah Market, where Al Ahsa will celebrate this important occasion through holding a number of diverse shows and accompanying events in various sites, including handicraft shows, popular arts, historical theatre shows and camel convoy shows, as well as an exhibition for fine arts and light and sound shows, among others. 

Al Ahsa is considered one of the biggest and most famous palm oases in the world thanks to having more than three million palm trees that produce the finest types of dates, not to mention its charming nature and what it possesses of historical and heritage treasures, such as the Bayt Al Baiyah, which King Abdulaziz – may his soul rest in peace – visited in 1913, Al Sahoud Castle that was built in 1790 to protect agricultural areas around the city, Jabal Al Qarrah that is in the middle of four heritage villages and comprises caves with distinguished climate natures that are known for their moderate conditions in summer and warmth in winter, and the historical Qaisariyah Market that dates back to six centuries with the start of settlement in the area.