Famous Circus Shows and the Biggest International Entertainment Shows For the First Time in the Region

Famous circus shows and the biggest international entertainment shows for the first time in the region
The “Eid Season” witnesses a strong comeback for theatre with the biggest starts 

The “Eid Season” has announced the pack of programmes scheduled to be held this Eid, which are launched for the first time with a comprehensive and unified identity under the umbrella of the “Saudi Seasons”. 

These programmes include more that 900 shows across the Kingdom, and more than 300 events that aim to restore entertainment, joy and happiness of Eid, and among them are several comedy plays for the biggest stars of the Arab world, and a number of the most famous international circus shows, in addition to renowned entertainment international shows that present their shows for the first time in the region to add more fun at the level of individuals, families, neighbourhoods and the society. 

This Eid is considered exceptional at all levels, especially for the fans of the theatre art, where more than new 10 comedy plays are going to be displayed in various cities of the Kingdom, starring a group of the most famous Arab actors, such as: Ahmad Bideir, Allimbi, Tareq Al Ali, Talat Zakaria, Hassan Youssef, Fayez Al Maliki and many others. 

The most famous international circus shows are also going to be displayed, including the Circus Americano, Alwaz, Hollywood, Africano and the circus of surprise. As for the international entertainment shows, there will be illusionist Rob Lake, the Orchestra of “Min ilsittin lalhein” (from the 60’s to now), the city of mirrors show, Korean shows, Shadow Land, constructor Lobb and SpongeBob, among others. 

The spokesperson of the Eid Season said: “We are keen during this Eid to be special and present all new events to spread joy and happiness through opening windows to the world and celebrate together in the blessed Eid Al Fitr, so we attracted the most famous international shows in the circus field and others fields of the arts, entertainment, music and performing arts from various countries across the world, which present their shows in the region for the first time”.

The spokesperson noted that all people can review all shows and events easily to know about the locations and timings of the events through the official accounts of the Eid Season on social media outlets or through the website of the Saudi Seasons.