The National Museum celebrates the International Museum Day

The National Museum celebrates the International Museum Day
It opened its doors for free and organized cultural activities 
The National Museum has celebrated the International Museum Day through organizing several cultural and entertainment events, as well as offering access to the visitors of the National Museum of citizens and residents.  

The museum's celebration in this international cultural occasion, which is annually marked on May 18, was held under the motto "Museums as cultural centers and the future of tradition" and was part of efforts to enhance the relation between the museum and the society, especially that museums, in the modern world, are no longer considered as houses to store historical, heritage and cultural treasures, yet they have become an important cultural and scientific centers that contribute to spreading culture, knowledge and sciences, in addition to raising the awareness in the human heritage in all fields, where museums have become points for the assembly of various cultures. 

The museum has hosted a number of diversified awareness and cultural events that contribute to raising the awareness in museums among the society members and enhancing the mental images of museums through these miscellaneous activities and events that suit all members of the society. 

The museum can be contacted for more information about the cultural events, programs and activities it holds through the accounts of the museums on social media through @SaudiMuseum on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or through calling 0114029500 extension 1290.