The "Eid Season" Starts for the First Time with a Comprehensive and Unified Identity in all Parts of the Kingdom

Under the umbrella of the "Saudi Seasons"
The "Eid Season" starts for the first time with a comprehensive and unified identity in all parts of the Kingdom
The "Eid Season" started – for the first time – with a comprehensive and unified visual identity in all parts of the Kingdom under the umbrella of the "Saudi Season", with the aim of retrieving joy and happiness of eid at the levels of individuals, families, neighborhood and the society, in a way that accords with the status and pioneering role of the Kingdom and its keenness to unify the hearts and sympathies of the Islamic peoples everywhere. 

The "Eid Season" events comprises more than 900 shows and over 350 events across the Kingdom, which have been launched via three courses to enhance the feelings of the "gathering and love, joy and happiness, and entertainment and celebration", where each of them includes part of the programs and activities that cover an important side that goes along with the positive interaction and the needs and requirements of all the fragments of the society. 

As part of enhancing the "Gathering and Love" course, malls have received the eid visitors to enjoy restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, the cinema and kids games round the clock, where in Riyadh, the "Eid Tent", held near praying places, have received the residents of adjacent neighborhoods who exchanged eid greetings with a variety of dishes of sweets and breakfast meals, as well as distributing gifts for children in a gesture that represents the beautiful profound customs and traditions of eid in the Saudi society; also, a wide group of restaurants and hotels have provided special offers for the eid breakfast until late hours of the day so as to cope with the difference hours of sleeping on these days; in addition, the "Eid Cities" has started in public parks to receive visitors of eid in a carnival and delightful atmospheres that included entertainment shows and distributing gifts to children.    

The aspects of the Eid Al-Fitr have been spotted in their most beautiful shapes with the "Joy and Happiness" course on the main streets, roundabouts and celebration centers that were decorated with lights that accord with the identity of eid, in addition to shooting fireworks with the colors of the eid identity that will continue all over the days of the eid. Since the announcement of the sighting of the crescent of Shawwal, all have listened, through all media outlets and social media websites, to the special songs that have been produced by the "Eid Season", where Star Muhammad Abdo has renewed his famous song "Min Al-Aydin", and Star Rashed Al-Majid performed a new song titled "Kol Aam Wileid Yijmaana", Star Abulmajid Abdullah with a song titled "Jana Aleid w Ghannina", and Stat Majid Al-Muhandis with his song "Halla Bifarhatihi". 

With the first hours of the eid, shows and events started in all regions of the Kingdom to complete the aspects of the "Entertainment and Celebration", where "this eid" in particular have witnessed the retrieval of the theatrical art with the most famous Saudi and Arab comedy stars, and for the first time at the regional level, famous international circus and entertainment shows have been presented in unprecedented carnival atmospheres, in addition to holding several parties by big and renowned singers, which will continue all over the days of eid.  

As part of its keenness to provide special information of the locations and the number of events and activities, the "Eid Season" has been keen to launch an application for the smart devices to facilitate receiving information, where the application presents all details, locations and ways to buy tickets for some events, in addition to the "Eid Season" official accounts on social media outlets And the "Saudi Seasons" website.