Impressive Attendance by Arab Super Star Singers in the Nights of the "Eid Season" in Four Cities

Impressive attendance by Arab super star singers in the nights of the "Eid Season" in four cities
Singing super stars "have shined in the sky of eid" through several concerts that witnessed tremendous turnout and widely spread with the early selling of all available tickets, where this series of concerts have organized as part of the "Enhancing Joy and Celebration" route in the eid, which for the first time started in a comprehensive and unified identity in all regions of the Kingdom, in a bid to retrieve joy and happiness of eid at the levels of individuals, families and the society. 


The night concert of "This Eid" have constituted a milestone in terms of turnout and the number of attendees, in addition to the famous names of Saudi and Arab arts who participated in these events, especially those concerts that were held by more than one star and left a mark in the memory of the eid, where singer Asalah joined singer Hussein Al-Jasmi in one of the most beautiful nights if the eid in Dammam, while the audience also attended wonderful night that joined singers Khalid Abdulrahman and Rami Abdullah in Taif. The Wednesday concerts concluded with the big singing night that costarred star Angham and famous Saudi singer Rabeh Saqer in Riyadh, while on Thursday, the first art night saw the presence of stars Abdullah Rweished and Nawal Al-Zughbi in Al-Ahsa', and the audience showed big interaction with the Arab song stars Hatim Al-Iraqi and Jaber Al-Kasser in Taif, while Walid Al-Shami joined Muhammad Hamaqi in Dammam in an exceptional night that attracted the attention of all attendees. 


The most wonderful conclusion was with the Artist of the Arab (Muhammad Abdo) in Riyadh, where he performed his immortal songs that will persist in the memory of the Arab art. The most prominent and joint talk among the attendees of this magnificent series of concerts and nights was about the accurate and flexible organization, purity of the sound, distribution and the creativity of all stars of the musical instruments, where the "Eid Season" was keen to provide all tools that guarantee the success and brilliance of the these events.