National Museum Celebrates the Success of Children of Martyrs and Orphans

 National Museum celebrates the success of children of martyrs and orphans 
The National Museum in Riyadh celebrated with the children of martyrs and orphans of the Social Care House on the occasion of their academic success through organizing a number of events recently under the title "Joy of Success", under a special initiative by male and female officials of the museum. 

The events, which were attended by a big number of children with their mothers and supervisors from invited institutions, included receiving children in the hall of the National Museum and hanging medals with their names and welcoming them. Afterwards, they made a tour to the various halls of the museum. 

The events of the ceremony also included face painting, followed by games and competitions that included jumping,  tug-of-war, and collecting balls, as well as a number of miscellaneous events that were accompanied with songs expressing the joy of success, before concluding the ceremony with distributing gifts to the children on the occasion of their success.