The Tourism Commission Celebrates Partners, Sponsors and All Supporters of the Taif Season

​The Tourism Commission Celebrates Partners, Sponsors and All Supporters of the Taif Season 
The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has organized in Taif a special ceremony to honor partners and workers in the Taif Season, in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Ahmed bin Aqil Al Khatib, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, His Excellency Governor of Taif Mr. Saad bin Miqbel Al Maimouni, leaders of military and civil sectors and partners from the private sector and the local community.   

Mr. Ahmed bin Aqil Al Khatib, in an improvised speech during the ceremony, noted that what has been achieved during the Taif Season is worth praise and, at the same time, encourages for more giving in the next season, especially with the start of granting tourist visas, which represents an opportunity to pay more visits to the region, which, in return, will achieve more yields for hotels, restaurants and factories of Taif roses and all other commercial activities. 

Al Khatib said that Taif, for being a resort for Arabs, awaits a bright future, noting that the efforts that have been exerted during the season received the satisfaction of all. 

Al Khatib also pointed out that the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage will continue exerting efforts with partners so as to create a comprehensive tourist system in the region, in a way that responds to the aspirations of the leadership, realizes a quality life and contributes to attracting more tourists to the region. 

His Excellency Governor of Taif Mr. Saad bin Miqbel Al Maimouni, in his speech, said that Taif has distinguished itself in a season that enjoyed remarkable efforts by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, highlighting that the elements of improvement and sustainable development will prevail in the region, so as to make Taif the top resort for Arabs. Al Maimouni added: “I cannot fail to praise the significant harmony between the government institutions, the needs and requirements of the season and all government institutions that showed conformity and harmony in work. 

Mr. Fahed Hamid Al Din, the vice chairman and the general supervisor on investment, strategy, marketing and program, explained that the Taif Season has witnessed more than 70 diversified events, 150 daily shows in four main areas, Souk Okaz, the Crown Prince Camel Festival, Ward (roses) village, and Sadat Al Beid events, in addition to several accompanying events, such as the shopping festival, the colors marathon and tourist trips. 

He added that the hotel occupancy rate exceeded 70 per cent during the season, where the Taif Season has also succeeded in providing more than 15,000 seasonal jobs and training 1,521 male and female citizens through 21 training courses, with providing investment opportunities to business entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized enterprises and companies, in addition to supporting craftspeople, innovators and productive families. 

The Taif Season has attracted more than 2.8 million visitors, 40 per cent of whom has come from outside the region, as well as producing more than 4,000 media items that have been published on 278 media outlets in 14 countries, with a remarkable turnout that exceeded 50 million on social media outlets and 600 million digital appearances, in addition to producing 16 promotional films and 50 videos on daily coverage of the events that received more than 20 million views, where the followers of the official account of the Taif Season grew to reach 236,000 followers. 

The ceremony included honoring the sponsors, partners of the public and private sectors and the local community. The ceremony also witnessed the distribution of awards for the distinguished media performance in the Taif Season, where the awards covered five main fields with the aim of encouraging the tourist media that enriches the experience and conjures the experiment of the Taif Season in all what it has had of momentum and events that were witnessed in the resort of Arabs; the awards also aim at supporting excellence and innovation in media interaction, in a way that enhances the status of Taif as a distinguished tourist destination and a resort for Arabs. 

The scope of the awards included the Gulf and Arab media, where it had multiple fields to include the nest in the categories of the best “news story, media coverage, photograph, coverage through Snapchat and tweeting on Twitter.”

The Taif Season has determined the value of the award for each category, where 30,000 riyals has been allocated for the best news story, 20,000 riyals for the best media coverage, 15,000 riyals for the best photograph, 10,000 riyals for the best coverage through Snapchat and 7,000 riyals for the best tweet; the results have been announced as the following: 

  1. The news story category has been won by Abdul Karim Al Thiabi from the Okaz Newspaper for his news story: The names of the Taif martyrs decorate the sky of Taif. 
  2. The media coverage category has been won by Ahlam Al Yakoub from Al-Arabiya Channel for her report about the Sadat Al Beid (hiking) event. 
  3. The photograph category has been won by Saif Al Hattari for his photo: The Sky of Souk Okaz. 
  4. The Snapchat coverage category has been won by Saber Al Oteibi for his coverage of the Ward (roses) Village activities. 
  5. ​The best tweet category has been won by Thamer Al Nofei for his tweet: Taif is the Everest of success. 

At the end of the ceremony, a group photo has been taken with partners and work teams in the season.