SCTH Accredits Licenses of 1460 New Tourist Facilities in 2018

SCTH Accredits Licenses of 1460 New Tourist Facilities in 2018
Including several individuals and investors in activities related to the tourist sector in the Kingdom 

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) in 2018 granted 1460 licenses for several individuals and investors in activities related to the travel and tourism sector in the Kingdom. 

The General Administration of Licensing at the SCTH revealed some figures related to licenses of conducting tourist activities, noting that the SCTH in 2018 granted 842 licenses to investors in the tourist accommodation sector and 314 licenses in the travel agencies sector, as well as accrediting the licenses of 134 tourist guides in various areas. 

As for organizing tourist trips, the SCTH granted 147 licenses in 2018, and 13 licenses for the time share activities.

In the management of tourist accommodation facilities, the SCTH issued six licenses and granted four other licenses for the reservation of tourist accommodation facilities, making the total number of licenses that were approved for investors and individuals in various activities related to tourism and travel stand at 1460 licenses. 

The SCTH, represented by the General Administration of Licensing and in coordination with the Legal Affairs Unit and SCTH branches in all regions, has achieved a major leap in the monitoring and follow up procedures on facilities working under its umbrella, mainly on tourist accommodation facilities, where the number of tourist accommodation facilities that received licenses in all regions exceeded 8000 hotel facilities and furnished housing units in 10 years. 

The SCTH had earlier issued all regulations related to tourism sectors. The Commission monitors the enforcement of these regulations and ensures providing a high level of services and commitment to quality standards, in addition to urging unlicensed facilities to apply for licenses and fining them for practicing the profession without a license or for having shortcomings in services presented to tourists and travelers. These procedures are implemented under the supervision of the SCTH and its branches in all regions. 

The SCTH had also activated a program of government partners related to monitoring and inspecting on tourist accommodation facilities, mainly with the municipalities and civil defense sectors, where the commission, in coordination with such sectors, succeeded in rectifying the status of dozens of furnished housing units facilities, in addition to focusing on developing the skills of SCTH inspectors and improving their capabilities in classification, monitoring and  approaches of dealing with complaints and violations that are spotted in a high level of proficiency based on laws and regulations that contribute to improving services and developing them according to the highest standards.