Saudi Arabia: A Total of Two Million Domestic Tourists Spend SR 1.5 Billion During Mid-Year Vacation

According to Tourism Information and Research Center’s  (MAS) figures

Saudi Arabia: A total of two million domestic tourists spend SR 1.5 billion during mid-year vacation

Domestic tourism to different parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has attracted more than two million local tourists during the mid-year vacation of this year, whose spending has been estimated at SR 1.5 billion, with an average expenditure of SR 744 per person per trip.

According to a recent report by MAS of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) on the volume of tourist activity during the mid-year break of 1140H, the value of expenditure of a total of around 375, 000 tourists from outside the Kingdom has stood at SR1.7 billion with    an average expenditure of SR4.448 per person per trip.

MAS's statistical coverage during the mid-year vacation revealed that the number of visitors to the Hayel International Rally Festival, Jazan Winter Festival, Buraidah Spring Festival in Al Qasim province, Al Jenadriyah Cultural and Heritage Festival's Tourism Oasis in Riyadh has reached 196,000, 18,343, 126,116, and 283,163 respectively during this period. 

 According to MAS's report of, the Makkah region ranked first in terms of performance of hotels in the Kingdom during this year's mid-year vacation with an occupancy rate of 75.9% at an average price of SR369.3 followed by Al Madinah Al Munwarah's hotels with an occupancy rate of 71.7% and an average room price of RS 356.7 and the Riyadh region with 69.5% and an average price of the room RS378.9.

Tourism movement indicators during the mid-year vacation of 1440H revealed that the Riyadh region has topped the list of occupancy rates of furnished housing units in the Kingdom with 73.3% and an average room price of SR323.2, followed by the Eastern and Makah regions with 68.6% and 66.1% occupancy rate and average room price of RS315.7 and RS 255.8 respectively.

It is to be noted that the tourist trip is a term that refers to a travel, be it for business or pleasure purposes that involves accommodation with the possibility of multiple trips for each single tourist.

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