SCTH Licenses Five New Museums in Riyadh

SCTH: 50 private museums in the region
SCTH licenses five new museums in Riyadh  
The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in the Riyadh Region has licensed five new heritage museums in the region to join the list of licensed private museums by the commission in the region, where the list now has some 50 museums that are located in various cities and governorates of the region.  

The commission has handed in the licenses for the owners of the new museums, which are: the Majid Heritage Museum in Rawdat Sadir in the Majmaah Governorate, the Khalid Al Radian Heritage Museum in Riyadh and the Qararah Museum in Al Dawadmi, in addition to two museums owned by Saudi women, which are: Riwaq Al Turath Museum in Riyadh and Moudi Al Asimi Museum in Al Dawadmi Governorate. 

Dr. Ajab Al Otaibi, director of the National Heritage Administration at the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in the Riyadh Region, said that the Riyadh Region has become the number one in terms of the number of private museums licensed by the commission among various regions of the Kingdom, noting that the number of licensed museums in the Riyadh Region is around 50 museums that are licensed by the commission, in addition to other public museums that have a diversified collection of showcased items and contents that include archaeological, heritage and popular possessions. He also highlighted the important role of the Riyadh tourism and partners, from the public and private sectors, in supporting and marketing private museums in the region.  

He said: "Private museums participate in celebrating official holidays and national occasion, such as the National Day, official holidays and the International Museum Day, where they receive visitors of citizens and residents, school students and state guest of foreign countries through holding several cultural events and heritage shows".

Al Otaibi stated that the branch of the tourism commission in the Riyadh Region provides necessary support for private museum owners through organizing tourist trip, following up on procedures to develop museum shows and printing marketing brochures, in addition to promoting these museums and listing them on the list of tourist routes accredited in the region, and including them in the e-application allocated for showcasing archaeological and tourist sites in Riyadh and installing guidance signs leading to the museums on main streets, noting that private museums play a prominent role in serving and educating all classes of the society with the antiquities and heritage of the Kingdom and its cultural and civil identity, and they also form an important source for education, knowledge, entertainment and tourist attraction. The director also expressed appreciation for the owners of the private museums in the region for their prominent contribution to preserving heritage items and preventing their extinction. 

He added: "The concern of the Riyadh Tourism in private museums is part of the country's interest in the national sector, where the commission seeks to develop them and present much technical support through renovating archaeological pieces and supporting the activities of private museums, as well as holding specialized courses to rehabilitate the skills of owners of museums and helping them to register and document the contents of their museums, among other things".

The Riyadh region is full of several private museums that focus on the heritage and history of the ancestors and that are keen to pass on this culture to the next generations of the sons of the homeland. Among the most important of these private museums are: Al Hamdan Heritage Museum in Riyadh, Al Tamim Museum in Al Aflaj, Hamad Al Salem Museum in Ishkeir Center, Al Sadiriyeh Heritage Museum in Wadi Al Dawaser, Al Dalm Abaq Al Tarikh (Al Dalm is the Aroma of the History) Museum in Al Kharj, Jarallah Al Adib Museum for Popular Heritage in Riyadh, Diyar Al Izz Museum in Al Mzahmiyyah and Abdulrahman Al Dweihi Museum for Popular Heritage in Al Zulfi.