In Conjunction with the Saudi Summer, “The Tourism” Launches 15 Remote Training Programmes

​In Conjunction with the Saudi Summer, “the Tourism” Launches 15 Remote Training Programmes 

The Tourism Ministry on Wednesday July 8, 2020 launched a series of specialised training programmes for the Saudi Summer, which are in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.

The National Centre for Human Resources Development “Takamul”, which is affiliated with the ministry, said that these programmes aim at raising awareness with the importance of tourism, getting acquainted with the latest updates related to developing the tourist skills and their positive role in diversifying resources and offering the necessary knowledge for tourist development partners, so as to keep pace with the digital transformation in the field of training through activating the remote training system, benefiting from the developed infrastructure and the digital efficiency of the Ministry of Tourism and realising the goals of the national tourism strategy in the Kingdom. 

These programmes, which target several sectors related to the tourism industry, last between July 7 and July 29 and focus on 15 fields, starting from a programme on the “tourism industry” that benefit workers in the Summer Season in targeted areas included in the “Saudi Soul” campaign, the Saudi hospitality programme for employees of the tourism call centre and local communities in targeted areas in the summer campaign, while workers at the accommodation sector will have a training programme on the “concept and the importance of quality in tourist service”. 

Meanwhile, a special programme will be held to develop the skills of front disk employees in the tourist accommodation sector, and another programme dubbed “public relations and the protocol”, which is allocated for the employees of the tourism sector and workers of providing services to tourists in all the public and private sectors, while the “Saudi Hospitality” programme will be held for employees at the sectors related to the Ministry of Interior and another “Saudi Hopsitlity” programme that will target the front disk employees at the accommodation sector, while craftsmen and craftswomen and vendors of products will have a programme titled “developing the skills of tourist products vendors”. 

According to Takamul Centre, there will be a programme for those interested in the tourist media in the Kingdom about the “tourist media”, while tour guides, organisers of tourist trips and travel and tourism agencies will have a programme titled “marketing tourist destination”, in addition to a programme targeting security and safety personnel in the tourism sector and at tourist sites and destination that addresses “security and safety in the tourism sector”, while the programme titled “the role of organisers and guides in enriching the tourist experience” is specialised for trip organisers and male and female tour guides.

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