SCTA President: Heritage and Antiquities caring projects in the GCC are highly sophisticated in the region

His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTA, on Sunday, April 2, opened the 14th meeting of Antiquities and Museums officials in the GCC countries, which is being held under his patronage, which will last for two days.
HRH President of SCTA, in his opening speech praised the meeting saying, "I am pleased today as these countries have gathered under the umbrella of brotherhood and cooperation, also gathered for an important and sensitive issue; the antiquities and museums issue. In fact, the GCC citizens are happy on seeing our reunion for such an important scientific aspect."
HRH President of SCTA stated that, GCC’s interest in culture and heritage and the caring of such authentic aspects is reflects how much they are civilized nations. The great development seen by GCC countries during the last few years including the comprehensive educational expansion as well as developmental efforts in other life aspects had raised people attention in GCC towards such important cultural issues which reflects GCC governments' increasing attention towards cultural aspects in general and caring of the national heritage in particular.
HRH President of SCTA, also in his speech praised the great support paid by the leaders of the GCC countries to the antiquities and museums sector, adding that the projects of caring of the antiquities, heritage and museums in GCC have become most advanced and sophisticated in the region during this past period in light of the great attention paid by the leaders and governments in GCC countries to them.
HRH President of SCTA, also praised the precious patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to the Kingdom's national heritage, who described him as the "Man of Heritage and the Man of History", for under his reign the national heritage in the Kingdom has been paid great attention and witnessed quantum leap in its preservation and development.
HRH President of SCTA, on the other hand, referred to the efforts of the Kingdom towards making comprehensive development as well as synchronized processes on different courses related to the national heritage, including the antiquities and museums.
"I believe what is being done by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today, and what will be done in the near future, are entirely leading and modern projects, they may be unprecedented in light of their size and comprehensiveness in respect of projects of museum development, establishing new museums, new archaeological discoveries, educational efforts among citizens on the national heritage, specially the youth in addition to rising the museum culture among the citizens."
"We are expecting in the Kingdom a new era for attention to the cultural dimension of the country in comprehensive manner, undoubtedly including the urban heritage as a key element. We look deeply at the cultural dimension issue from different corners; the most important are discovering and preserving our cultural heritage. I think the cultural commonalities between GCC countries are making this issue very important not only to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but to all the GCC countries."
HRH President of SCTA expressed his pride for the historic ties and cultural overlap in the Arabian Peninsula, which are common factors in GCC countries and the Arabian Gulf.
"These civilizations had left behind significant imprint shown in many accomplishments and innovative works. It is very important that if we want to link the people of this region to each other, it is unavoidable since they are belonging to one history," added HRH.
HRH President of SCTA, on the other hand, urged for further cooperation between the GCC countries in the areas of museum culture, exchanging educational programs, experience exchange between the GCC members.
HRH President of SCTA, at the end of his speech hoped that the next meetings of deputies of antiquities and museums, to be open to the public, and in which each member country to present developmental programs and the event to include an accompanied exhibition as well.
For his part, His Excellency, Dr. Abdul Lateef bin Rashid Al Zeyani, Secretary General of GCC, expressed his thanks and appreciations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and HRH Crown Prince for the great and leading efforts that are exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the support of cultural relations between GCC countries, especially in the field of antiquities and museums.
Dr. Al Zeyani also praised the efforts of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTA and his persistent support to the cultural relations between the member countries of the GCC, in addition to his efforts for honoring talented people in the field of antiquities and museums.
Noteworthy, the meeting of officials of antiquities and museums of the region is held annually in one of the GCC countries on regular basis.