SCTA President announces a promotional program for tourism events

His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz President of SCTA, has recently announced that SCTA will launch a comprehensive promotional program for tourism events in the Kingdom from 2014-2018, in an effort to cope with people’s heavy turnout towards tourism events. 

HRH President further stated that, SCTA looks beyond the entertaining role of the tourism event as the importance of events lay in introducing the history of the Kingdom and linking Saudi people to their national heritage in addition to economic benefits of events throughout provinces.  

Tourism events also reduce seasonality which is considered one of the reasons of rise in tourism services prices. 

HRH President of SCTA in his statement also praised the great efforts made by the Tourism Development Council across the different parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the chairmanship of Their Highness the Governors of the provinces in addition to the relevant authorities from the public and private sectors that are represented in these councils.

This program has come to meet the increased demand of citizens on tourism events as well as citizens' desire to promote event quality and make them more diverse in a manner that fulfills people aspiration. SCTA has already finalized the foundation stage of tourism events as well as creating and developing a new sector for the Tourism Trip Operators. 

According to statistics carried out by the Tourism Information and Research Center (MAS), on tourism festivals and events which have been held across the different parts of the Kingdom during the last five years, MAS indicated that, tourism festival has enjoyed remarkable satisfaction by the public reaching 72% where this period represents the first phase of foundation of tourism events.

This program will be the second phase of foundation which aims to promote event quality through detecting people different needs and ambitions as well as benefiting from tourism potentials and heritage diversity enjoyed by the Kingdom. 

The number of tourism events of SCTA was not exceeding three at the foundation phase, but after creating and organizing a new sector through tourism event program which has been announced by SCTA about eight years ago, it has achieved increased annual growth where number rate of events increased to 1260% reaching 450 events which is contributing to creating 55,000 direct and indirect jobs as well as visited by 55 million people during the last eight years. Economic revenues of these events in 2005 and until the end of 2012, across different parts of the Kingdom, reached over SR 17 billion. 

At the end of his statement, HRH President of SCTA, stated that, tourism event in the Kingdom is in good progress regarding sector structure and human resources training which will enable it to make the prospective shift in level of tourism events across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Noteworthy, SCTA during the last eight years has trained over 130 organizations and national companies engaged in event operation through training programs from which utilized 1500 citizens. Also it has organized 9 international visits to explore the international successful experiences in this field, besides it has held 4 forums for the development of event industry.
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