Tourism & Antiquities Security Forum

Under The Patronage of HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTH,  SCTH, in cooperation with the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) is organizing a scientific forum titled "Safety and Security for Tourism and Antiquities" During September 17 to 19, 2012, in the Naif University campus in Riyadh.
The forum aims to shed light on the concept of preventive measures of security and safety, benefiting from the Arab and international experiences, in the interest of Tourism and Antiquities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to upgrading the skills of workers in this field.  The forum will be addressed by a number prominent Arab and international speakers representing several Arab and foreign countries.

  • SCTH efforts in the field of security and safety of Tourism and Antiquities:
  • Signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Preparation of Tourism Safety and Security project.
  • Formation of a Joint Steering Committee for tourism safety and security with the Ministry of the Interior
  • Developing general framework for risk management and tourism operational plan.
  • ​Developing a manual of safety and security requirements of Tourism and Antiquities.
  • Developing a guidebook about the safety and security of tourists.
  • Developing a manual of emergency procedures to deal with disasters at Tourism and Antiquities sites.
  • Preparation of a safety and security manual of the National Museum that includes emergency evacuation plan.
  • Establishing a permanent executive committee to manage emergencies and disasters related to tourism and antiquities.
  • A joint team from SCTH and the Ministry of Interior held visits to Egypt, Jordan, Spain and Morocco to explore their experiences in the field of security and safety of Tourism and Antiquities.
  • Signing of several agreements with a number of countries in the field of Tourism and Antiquities, which included special provisions for tourism safety and security.
  • Coordination and cooperation with different sectors of the Ministry of the Interior to implement various tourism safety and security action plans, and activating the memorandum of cooperation.

Forum participants are as follows:
  1.  Ministry of Defense Specialists
  2.  Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs Specialists 
  3.  Ministry of Health Specialists 
  4.  Ministry of Higher Education Specialists 
  5.  Ministry of Education Specialists 
  6.  Ministry of Commerce Specialists 
  7.  Ministry of Transport Specialists 
  8.  General Authority for Civil Aviation Specialists 
  9.  Ministry of Social Affairs Specialists 
  10.  Ministry of Culture and Information Specialists 
  11.  National Guard Specialists 
  12.  General Presidency of Youth Welfare Specialists
  13.  Regional Governorates, Specialists
  14.  Saudi Red Crescent Specialists 
  15.  Public Security Department Specialists
  16.  Civil Defense, Specialists 
  17.  General Department of Passport Specialists 
  18.  Special Security Forces Specialists 
  19.  Industrial Security Specialists 
  20.  General Department of Customs Specialists 
  21.  Commercial and Industrial Chambers Specialists 
  22.  GCC representatives 
  23.  Travel and Tourism Offices Specialists 
  24.  Tourism Companies and Large Hotels Specialists 
  25.  Transport Companies Specialists​