Responsible Development

Responsible development

To change the dominant impression among the target audience the ‘Institutional communication' campaign, under a new slogan, "Responsible development" has been implemented in order to publicize the salient achievements of SCTH in the development of tourism sector, as a sector with new economic dimensions.
The campaign sought to pay tribute to the efforts of the tourism industry partners and highlight the main areas of cooperation that are reached through them, in addition to highlighting the achievements of SCTH during the course of 10 years.
The campaign is designed to change the mental image associated with misunderstandings about the nature of the role and mission of SCTH in the development of tourism in the Kingdom, and the lack of knowledge of its achievements, which requires an integrated institutional communication campaign to bridge the gap between that impression and achievements on the ground through a major media campaign under the new slogan "Responsible development" to highlight the responsible development and the achievements made by SCTH on the ground.

Institutional communication campaign was carried out to publicize the achievements of the economic dimension of SCTH and changed the impression prevalent among its audience, which are:
  • Belief that SCTH did not communicate properly with the target audience to publicize its goals and achievements of the economic dimension.
  • External public’s impression that SCTH has not achieved anything on the ground.
  • Overall praising the efforts of the industry partners and highlighting the most important areas of cooperation reached with them.
  • Shedding light on the achievements of SCTH through the new campaign, "Responsible Development" to change the impression among the target audience.