Portal Security

Portal administration pays paramount importance to portal security against all kinds of security problems which may cause danger to the security of information in the portal.
Anti-Virus Program:
All portal relevant servers were provided with the most powerful and efficient antivirus programs to ensure portal content, files and database, in different servers are free of any viruses or programs that may affect the portal security and information. Portal system also includes antivirus program specialized in SharePoint Server 2010 environment, which launches screening of all downloaded and uploaded files  to/from the portal. Thus, all computer devices of portal management team members are provided with antivirus programs to combat the virus.
Portal servers of SCTA are provided with a firewall whose task is to allow only reliable information to access portal severs as well as detecting and preventing intrusions against the portal, alerting portal team on intrusion acts in order to take necessary precautions.
HTTPS (SSL) is considered one of the most important protocols used to protect sensitive information exchanged on the portal of SCTA, the most important of which are login names and passwords. The portal was supplied by this protocol from a specialized and most powerful company "DigiCert" in security field; in addition the portal applies a high level of encryption 128/256 Bit.
Application of ISO 27001 Standards:
SCTA Portal is using best applied standards in the field of information security and portals protection. It has won excellence award in this field, where ISO for information security ensures application of certain criteria to provide effective systems for information security management, as it is designed to protect the information privacy for each destination in addition to examining each application and online available services.